I’m published now!

I finally did it, my first “indie” published book is on Amazon. It is a collection of haiku poems, which I know some of you have really enjoyed in the past. This is a compilation, and even has some new poems that have not been published anywhere else before. It also has a few photographs.

Here is the Amazon link:


This was my first try at “indie publishing,” but it won’t be the last. Soon to come is a humorous book, motorcycle travel stories, and then, next year, my horse story.

Please check out The Ring! I will be so grateful. It’s good writing for a reasonable price! 🙂



It’s interesting when you go back and look at old photographs, notes, and artifacts to try to piece together part of your life that you haven’t thought about in a long time. That is the case with me at the moment as I find and look through my things from when I was a pre-teen and teenager, and our family had horses.

I started writing on this blog one night about the horse experience. I was kind of bored and wanted to write about something different, so I pulled that idea out of the air. I started with the part that became Chapter 1, which told about the day I first “met” the little Arabian horse who was to become my “leg up” into the horse show world. It was quite the experience, and I thought I would write about that one thing.

However, as I started to search for, then find, and then dig through all the old evidence and memories, I began to remember some of the chronology of the 10 years of our family’s horse experiences. I decided I have enough material to write at least a medium-size book (thinking of self-publishing, just for the kids in my classroom). I have spent the last couple of days being immersed in the 1970s when it all began, both the horse experience, and the teenage years leading up to my adult life. It’s quite interesting, and I’m not sure things could have been any other way given how everything unfolded. By this time, the course had been set. The jumping off point for it to have turned out differently would have been in 1969 when the decision was made by my parents to move to the 60 acres that became our home during that era.

So, with that in mind, I have added a couple of photos to the Chapters 2 and 4 stories titled “A horse’s tale” under the category “Horses” on this blog, and when I write the complete story for the book, I will have refreshed my memory about the chronology of the events. As I told my Dad last night on the phone, when you’re a kid you don’t really have the time-space continuum firmly established yet, and things tend to jumble together when you remember them later. I am so glad I kept all that “junk” from back then so I can look at it now. The time period came rushing back when I began to dig through piles of old photographs that I didn’t think existed, and looked at notes and diaries I kept at the time. A lot of it is dumb stuff that pre-teen/teenagers write, but some of it is very informative.

I’ll keep adding to my ongoing story here because I am pleasantly surprised that people are finding it interesting. It’s fun to remember those days for me as well.

I know there are so many more ways of preserving memories now than there were in those days, and that’s good. Even though you think it isn’t important at the time, it may be important to you later, or it may be important for your kids and grandkids. I don’t have kids, but I think my school kids might enjoy the book when I eventually get it done. At least I hope so. Anything to get them to read and tear them away from video games, right?

I hope it works! Meanwhile, I am having fun remembering.