Hope for the days ahead

Near Queen Valley 1351 small

The plan for Saturday, March 4, was that Hal and I would take our Suzuki DR650s out for an easy dirt ride, during which we would get breakfast, I would get back in the saddle of my DR, and it wouldn’t take the whole day. But it didn’t exactly work out that way …

Before our ride, we were supposed to take Hal’s Xterra in for suspension work in preparation for our upcoming trip to Death Valley, California. Since we were going to ride later, he trailered his bike to my house, dropped off his DR650 and trailer, and I followed him on my F650GS as he drove the Xterra to the shop so we could ride two-up back to my house. Then I would switch to my DR, and we would take both DRs out of town, do an easy dirt route to breakfast, and come home, then pick up the Xterra doing the whole thing in reverse.

Yes. This is an example of the crazy plans we have to come up with in order to (maybe) get to ride, and still get things accomplished!

This plan was good because I got two bikes ridden in one day. I love riding my F650GS, and after last summer and the challenging day riding in Rocky Mtn. National Park, I don’t worry about anything when I am riding the GS. I followed Hal over to the off-road shop, we rode home on my GS, then got the DR out.

I will be honest, I haven’t ridden the DR in a couple of years, at least. I am not sure why it is not my favorite bike. Maybe it’s the seat, which is stock, and I feel like I slide around on it a lot. I never think that when I ride the Kawasaki, which also has a stock seat. So, I don’t know what my deal is with the DR. The Kawasaki KLX250S has spoiled me in so many ways!

Off we went on the two DRs toward Superior, where we planned to have a late breakfast. But this was not to be. Traffic started slowing well before Gold Canyon, the effect of the Renaissance Festival – 10 miles away! It was going to take a good hour to get through the mess. Sadly, it dawned on us that our plans for the day, which all lay on the other side of the Festival, were not going to be possible.

My hopes fell. The whole purpose of the day was to go out to ride an easy dirt highway to regain the feel of the DR in dirt. But the problem was even larger. Almost every “escape route” from this hot dirty place was blocked – this way because of the Renaissance Festival, the north route because of a washed out bridge (they, ADOT or whoever, are too incompetent to build proper bridges here), and various highway closures for no apparent reason.

We decided to exit the freeway at Goldfield Rd., then backtrack to Idaho Rd. where we know there is a Waffle House. It wasn’t the greatest thing to do, but we didn’t have much choice. We settled for waffles and embellished hash browns. While we were there, the call came that Hal’s Xterra was done being fixed, so we had to go back to my house and do the whole morning in reverse.

It’s not that I minded doing these tasks, it just made me think about yet another day that we weren’t able to do the riding that we wanted to. Hal and I haven’t had a decent riding day since the last weekend of October.

Once again, I think about all the times we have missed opportunities to ride, either day rides, or long rides. The years keep floating by, Hal and I have been riding together 10 years now, and we are almost no closer to our riding goals. I feel like time is running out for me, and I had better do something soon if my dreams are to come true.

I saw a phrase the other day, “and in a moment, it was gone.” I sort of feel that way about my life. It’s going to be gone before I know it, and I will regret the many dreams that are left unfulfilled. I guess it’s time to change that.


3 thoughts on “Hope for the days ahead

  1. Is that you under all that protective gear, Jo? 🙂
    I know how you are feeling…the clock is ticking, but rather than regret what I have not done, I continue to look forward to what I’m going to do while enjoying what I am currently doing. best to you my friend!

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