Diary of the G35


February 11, 2017

I’ve been inside this garage for the greater part of the last seven months. It’s weird. I used to be out on the road every single day. The last time I was out being driven was about three weeks ago, and I got caught in the rain! At least the girl wiped all the water off me when we got home. I mean, like, right away. I was surprised. I know I wasn’t the most popular vehicle in this garage for a long time. I kind of knew things were improving, though, when about a month ago she cleaned out my interior completely. It was better than a professional detailing! She even found that old piece of caramel corn that had been stuck deep in the back seat for a couple of years. It definitely felt better to be completely clean.

But things changed on Saturday. Her motorcycle riding partner came over, left his truck parked on the driveway, then Hal and the girl, Jo, took me into the city! Hal drove, because I think Jo is still hesitant to drive. I have been sensing a change, though, and maybe I will once again become a car that is a daily driver, or at least close to it.

We drove to a restaurant for a late breakfast. We went to First Watch in downtown Phoenix. I could see the two of them through the window, enjoying coffee and waffles and generally having a nice time. I was glad to see that Jo was relaxed. After that, Hal drove to the hairdresser’s shop and I had to sit in a parking garage for two hours. At least it was in the shade. It was worth it, though, because then we got to go on a real drive!

Hal drove out of the city, but when we got to Country Club Dr. and Hwy. 87, they switched places, and Jo got behind the wheel. I was on best behavior because I could feel her hesitation. But, on a positive note, I could also feel that she was ready and open to connecting with me. Two minutes later, we were bonded as car and driver.

She actually drove really well. Last summer, the last time she was behind the wheel, I wasn’t so sure. I thought, oh no, she’s not very good. But today she proved to be a much more confident driver, and even shifted well. I like that she can hear when it is time to go up through the gears, and it is very easy on me. I feel very lucky, my last owner (who was also my first!) did a pretty good job of keeping me running great, and looking clean and beautiful, and now I feel that Jo will do the same.

Our drive was great! We flew up Hwy. 87, then turned onto Hwy. 188 as it rolled through Tonto Basin, then meandered past Roosevelt Lake. The day was perfect, around 70° F. with increasing high clouds. We stopped at the Roosevelt Dam bridge to take pictures – of me! I purred the rest of the day.


Next, we went through Globe, and after that, flowed through the turns toward Superior, and just before we got there, we went through the Queen Creek tunnel, my second tunnel of the day! It was awesome since when we came out the other side, we were descending quickly on the steep grade into Superior.

By then it was getting toward dusk, and then in Gold Canyon, Hal and Jo changed places again. I was a little disappointed because I was used to her driving by then, and I liked it. But I understood. Hal encouraged her to keep driving, but she said she was getting a little tired by then, it was getting darker, and she wanted her driving for the day to end on a positive note.

We came back into town, and then went to Jo-Ann’s, a fabric and crafts store. “Oh, the car’s first trip to Jo-Ann’s!” Jo exclaimed. I guess she must go there a lot.

When we finally rolled into the garage, I had been out and running for nine hours or so, and I have to admit, I was glad to be back in my clean, quiet garage. It was nice to feel wanted and loved again, and I am sure I heard Jo whisper, “Thank you, pretty thing, for a wonderful healing day” to me before she went inside.

As the garage door closed down on a wonderful day, I hoped for a future of many more like this one.


Last summer, I bought this new (to me) car, a beautiful silver and blue 2005 Infiniti G35, to replace my destroyed Hyundai Sonata. I mourned the loss of my Sonata, and I will never get over it. But fortunately, the wounds are healing (somewhat), and I am making progress on getting behind the wheel of a car again.



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