Taos and Mora

The golden Taos Plateau:

Sunset, Taos Plateau 0269 copyright small

July 5, 2016 – In Taos

Continuing the saga of last night’s creepy hotel room drama, what a relief – we got moved to the regular part of the hotel. I couldn’t sleep last night, somewhat normal for me, but more so because of that nasty room. I was super tired today as a result.

After moving to different rooms, Hal and I rode to Mora. We did the usual fun stuff – including a stop at Family Dollar, where we happened to meet a guy named Willy. He was riding an H-D, and getting supplies to open a lemonade stand! Well, it was hot. After we talked for a while, I invited him to the rally in September. He said he would try to come! This is one of the many things I love about New Mexico, and especially Mora – everybody is nice. I have had that experience before in this wonderful little town.

Hal and I went into the weaving shop, which we’ve always wanted to do. It was interesting, lots of history. There were also some hand-made sewn items. I found a cool thing that someone had made called a “potato baker.” It is basically a pouch to put potatoes into while microwaving them. The directions say not to puncture the potatoes, and that they apparently turn out nice and fluffy! Later, I drew it in my journal so I could try and make the fabric pouch when I got home.

Then Hal and I rode to Angel Fire on the 434, the tiny road that weaves through thick vegetation and trees and gets narrower and narrower until it finally widens again just before Angel Fire ski area. We then took the 64 and wound up and over the mountains to get back to Taos. It was a wonderful ride!

Once in Taos, we stopped briefly at Albertson’s, thinking we might get some dinner there, but we only got some fruit, and some wine. We both wanted to eat at our favorite restaurant at the hotel. The traffic was crazy, and it was so hot that the pavement squirmed under my front tire as we were turning from the parking lot onto the road. Luckily, I was paying attention and was ready for it, or I might have had the front tire “wash out” from under me. We returned to the hotel and sat outside in the cool grassy common area to read for a couple of hours before dinner. It was peaceful and beautiful.

Later, for dinner I had a cheese enchilada, the “real” layered kind, which was very nicely done. Hal had salmon and vegetables. After we ate, we sat outside again and looked at maps until it was too dark to see!

It had been a beautiful day. I will never get tired of seeing the lush forest, and the river that runs through the Sipapu ski area, nor will I ever get tired of seeing the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains, and the golden Taos Plateau. I always say I want to live in all these places that I visit, but I think my true home is on the road, so I can “live in” all of them.

Next: A “spirited” ride to Chama


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