Our 2016 summer trip

Part 1

Ready to go:

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As the month of June wound down towards its end, it was vacation time again! Where would we go? What would we do? This year, it seemed that it was a fight to get out of town, much less be able to figure out where we were going to go. But first …

Hal and I had originally planned to go through Nevada then up into Idaho to visit some friends, over to Spokane to see what it is like, and maybe even ride into Canada for a short distance. But the weather had other ideas. Every place we wanted to go was at least 95° F., if not more. I really wanted to escape the sun and heat, and Hal agreed. In order not to be miserable for a good part of the two weeks on the road, we were going to have to modify our plans. But how?

As our original departure date loomed closer, we were no closer to a decision on where to go. This is when I started talking about how much nicer it will be when I am retired (at least from this job) and am able to travel during a different season than summer. There is so much to hate about summer travel, at least for me. I would prefer to travel during the autumn months, maybe even as late as December. No blaring sun, no crowds, and maybe even some cold weather drama!

Finally, we came to a decision. We would go up into Colorado, visit Estes Park (among other places), a part of Colorado that we hadn’t seen yet. Hal quickly canceled all the reservations and plans for the original trip that he had spent so much time on, and scrambled to find places to stay along the new route. It seemed easier, so maybe it was meant to be.

Next: getting out of town


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