A day of rallying

Adventure bikes at the rally


Saturday is the best day at the LOEBMWR rally at Sipapu Ski area near Taos, NM! It’s also our last full day here. How can it be the last day already? I wondered. Because it’s heavenly, and the time goes way too fast, I answered myself.

Hal and I got up late, had breakfast late, and finally rode out to the rally site around 10. We grabbed more coffee, walked around a bit, talked to people we don’t see all year except at this rally, and generally had a great time. After a while, we were tired of socializing, and rode to Mora to take some photos. I mainly wanted to get photos of the old mill, and while shooting photos, I found out that its supporters had had a festival/fund-raiser the weekend before.

That’s good, because the whole north end of the building looks like it’s going to fall off at any moment. The crack on the side grows wider every year, and I hope they can save the old mill. We shot more photos, then rode a couple of miles down the road to get more images of old buildings.

While I was there on the side of the road, the flashers on my motorcycle on, a man with an old beat up car pulled over. “Are you okay?” he asked in a friendly, helpful way. “Do you need help?” I said “no, but thank you for checking.”

“Okay,” he said, and smiled. He waved, and drove on. Wow, I thought, that would never happen in Phoenix. In contrast to everyone in Mora, the people in Phoenix are just plain mean, and would rather shoot someone than help them. Witness the latest “trend” in Phoenix: random freeway shootings that continue even after the “suspect” or “suspects” is/are caught. What do we expect? The “meanness” starts with the leaders of the not-so-wonderful state of Arizona, and the people are just following their bad examples.

Anyway, we returned to the rally site, walked around and talked to more people. What do you do at a rally? you might ask. Well, here’s what: we look at other cool bikes, visit the vendors, and “hang out,” if that’s still a current phrase!

A pretty custom paint job:

The main rally area:

Then, it was time for dinner! This year, the rally organizers served German food, and it was a wonderful surprise. The food was really good! There was salad, schnitzel, pretzels (BIG ones) yummy potato slices, cooked red cabbage, fruit and whipped cream dessert, AND cream puffs! There was iced tea to drink. I thought the whole meal was a great choice for this rally, and a welcome departure from the usual “fajitas” meal of years past.

We sat with a friend, Bill, and some of his friends from Seattle. It was a great conversation – a nice dinner with good company. Soon, the band started warming up, which ended the opportunity for any meaningful conversation, and that was our cue to leave. We said good-bye to the rally site for this year and headed back to Taos. On our way back, we were enchanted by another beautiful New Mexico sunset.

We managed to get back to town in time to get some photos of the bikes with the spectacular sky behind them. I remember doing this last year, too, as a storm moved into Taos. This Saturday evening “photo op” seems to be becoming a tradition!

As we prepared for our departure the next morning, Hal searched for alternative routes home. We are both sick of “slabbing it” (riding the interstate), and since we have the time, Hal found a back roads route that we will try tomorrow. If we must leave, we might as well make the best of the ride home.

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