Cracked actor

What is it? you ask. Answer: It’s a piece of crappy plastic “acting” as a gas tank.

Yes, the gas tank on my 2009 BMW F650GS has cracked AGAIN. It’s the second time in three months. The first time it was actually leaking fuel, this time it’s a deep crack that soon will be leaking fuel. What makes it even worse is that the cracking problem is a common occurrence with the BMW F-series bikes, the F650GS and the F800GS. To quote one of the people working at the local dealer, “it’s a known national, and worldwide problem.”

Why doesn’t BMW Motorrad fix the cause of the problem??? Either change the material, or the manufacturing process, whichever it is that is causing the tanks to crack. I am very frustrated, especially because aside from this ongoing problem, it’s a great bike.

I am leaving for Taos next week; I hope they manage to fix my bike before then!


4 thoughts on “Cracked actor

  1. Somehow, I dodged a bullet on this one, (although I encountered every other recall issue!)
    I beat my F650 like a foster child, dropped it, rolled it and almost tore the side case right off the bike at one time and never had a problem with mine in the the 50,000 miles I owned it.
    I suspect the problem is a design issue, that the re-cycled or re-cycleable plastic (a certain percentage is required by law in Germany) cannot accommodate the crease/sharp edge of the design. The result is inconsistent/un-predicable performance from a (no doubt) vendor supplied piece.
    Sorry you caught a bad one, again!.

    • I agree with you, Brad. That sharp-edge design is no good. I am glad you lucked out, though. That’s what the dealer told me, too. Maybe I will get lucky with the next one and get a good one. My response: Really?! This is not a lottery! This is a problem that could cost me my life!

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