Bike is back

Those of you who have been following the saga of my new-to-me 2009 BMW F650GS will be happy to know that BMW Motorrad approved the new gas tank for my bike, and it’s already been installed by Victory BMW of Chandler, Arizona! I am very happy and appreciative because a new tank for my bike costs over $1,000 USD. I also got the bike back in a timely manner. It was only in the shop for about a week and a half. I also got my newly-reupholstered seat at the same time.

Desmond installs more new parts on my bike!:

The past couple of days has been spent putting the various protective parts on the bike so it will be ready for touring. I am only waiting for a set of nuts and bolts in order to mount the “crash bars” that I always put on any bike. And then I need to choose some handguards.

Soon we will be ready for the road trips I plan to take this summer. But first, a few warm-up rides …


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