More ‘new’ bike trauma

May 28, 2015

You know that old saying, “things don’t always go as planned”? It certainly has been true with the recently-acquired 2009 BMW F650GS. If you recall, last week the issue was leaking seals, and now it is a far more serious issue: the plastic gas tank has cracked in the extreme heat of the Phoenix area. Unlike most, however, the tank is actually leaking fuel. Not a good thing.

“Leaky gas”:

I am not the only one. Almost anyone I’ve talked to with this same bike has replaced the gas tank for the same reason, either themselves or under warranty by BMW. Because I bought a used bike, I may not be covered. In my opinion, it should be covered, as it is a known design flaw, and so widespread. The bike I bought has been ridden less than 4,000 miles.

I talked to our local dealer, Victory BMW of Chandler, AZ. I asked the manager why this gas tank problem is such a big one. He said, “you know those ‘extreme conditions’ they talk about? Well, where we live (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) is it.” I would hope, though, that BMW would be aware that there are parts of the world where temperatures are in the 100-115° F. range regularly in the summer.

Victory BMW has always done right by me, and I know they will do their best to get this resolved. Yesterday, they sent the truck to pick up the bike, they didn’t even want me to ride it the five miles to their shop. I agreed!

A BMW on a trailer?? And it would have to be mine:

Once again, my summer riding season is in limbo. I had hoped to ride this bike on a nice long road trip at the end of June, but if this issue drags on and I choose to go on that trip anyway, I might be taking the good old 2006 F650GS. I certainly wouldn’t mind, but the purpose of buying the newer bike was to take the burden off the ’06, not add to it. The ’06 is my favorite bike, but it won’t take being ridden at high speed day after day.

Now I am anxiously awaiting “the verdict” after the guy from BMW Motorrad comes out to the shop to inspect my ’09. Meanwhile, my garage is full of parts to put on the new one when it becomes operational, which, I hope, will be soon.


2 thoughts on “More ‘new’ bike trauma

  1. Oh, these leaky gas tanks….definitely a manufacturing defect….not extreme conditions related….many failed early and were replaced under warrantee. I would think they would still be “under warrantee” as the Federal Emissions Standards require the manufactures to cover their emissions equipment for 50,000 miles on autos. I would guess this would apply to motorcycles as well. Leaking fuel containers, releasing gasoline fumes would be non-compliant with the Fed Regs. I think you have a free one coming regardless of BMW’s position. Kinda like those bad chains they refused to own up to until the NHSA got on them as a safety defect. Good Luck !!

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