With all the craziness of the end of the school year (I teach sixth grade), I haven’t had a moment’s peace all week to write my ride report from last Sunday, May 17. It wasn’t a stellar ride.

The plan had been to go to breakfast, then ride to Flagstaff, maybe stop in at the Overland Expo for a few minutes, then head home. The particular allure of Overland Expo (they call it “OX”) was that a fairly big storm had gone through, a storm with wind, rain, and even snow! Even though I dislike the OX very much, I thought it would be fun to see how all the posers dealt with actual weather. One person that we know, who is a real adventure rider, had his Redverz (http://redverz.com/motorcycle-tents/) tent set up in the snow, and had no problem at all!

But, Hal and I never made it. At breakfast, I noticed that oil was “weeping” from near the top of the engine on my ‘09 GS. I wasn’t too upset because I had sort of expected any seals on the bike to be dried out after the previous owner had inexplicably let it sit for what I think was about five years! That’s a terrible thing to do to a motorcycle, and I hope I don’t have too much trouble in the future. Anyway, we cut our ride short on Sunday.

At least it will be a somewhat “easy” fix. I took it to my star BMW mechanic, Colin at Ampmotoworks in Mesa, AZ, and he is fixing it now. So, I am hoping to have it back today for riding the rest of this weekend.

I hope it works out because I think it’s a wonderful bike and I want to enjoy it.


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