A day of sun and clouds

My riding partner, Hal, and I set out today for a late breakfast. The day was partly cloudy, no rain despite the weather forecast promising rain all weekend. It was a beautiful day, and we rode out to Superior, Arizona, to Buckboard Restaurant.

I was on my beloved little BMW F650GS. I’ve had this bike for 7-1/2 years, and I still love to ride it. It will always be one of my very favorite bikes.

Breakfast turned out to be lunch, in one of those twists where a six becomes a nine. I tried to get breakfast, but there was some drama from the cook over a hard-boiled egg, so I settled for a hastily scrambled egg and some bacon and toasted bread. It was still good.

Superior is an interesting place. This photo pretty much sums it up:

An old mining town set against the dramatic backdrop of mountains, the town with a solid history, but much of it becoming dilapidated as the jobs dry up and people move out. There has been a half-hearted drive to attract the arts community, however, Superior is still waiting for the “surge” in resurgence. It’s a wonderful town, though, and I hope it can soon enjoy a revitalization.

After we finished breakfast, Hal and I walked around the interesting parking area at Buckboard.

There was this interesting sculpture made from old tires and the skeletons of cacti:

A small vehicle that had once been used in the mine:


I was intrigued by the above detail; I grew up near the town of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Soon Hal and I were headed home. The sky was darkening to the north and west; perhaps the promises of rain would be fulfilled after all. We rode home happily, into a stiff wind. I dreamed of our upcoming trip to Death Valley (we leave at the end of this week), and wished we were already on it.

After I got home, Hal took me two-up to pick up my Kawasaki that was in for a look-over before I take it to Death Valley. It is ready to go, and so am I. Hal headed home to his side of town, and I spent the afternoon watering my garden!


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