Winter clothes

Above: One of the cute outfits that I could make out of things in my closet, if only the weather would cool down. Ever.

I keep getting catalogues from places like Title Nine, Eddie Bauer, Cabelas, Terry Bicycles. The one thing they all have in common this time of year is winter clothes.

Oh, that’s not unusual, you might think, it is going to be winter soon, after all. Yes, you are right, for most of the country it will be winter. Not here.

I look at all the lovely clothes – down-filled vests, high boots, boots lined with fur, tights, wool dresses and skirts, turtleneck sweaters, fuzzy hats. Things I could wear maybe one or two days a year here in this climate. Things I want to wear so badly that I consider buying them anyway, just to put them on in the house and turn the air conditioner down to freezing temperatures.

It isn’t that these clothing items are not available here – in Walgreen’s the other day I saw “fleece-lined tights.” Are they crazy? No one is going to buy them here. The temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s F. These chain stores never seem to get a clue that the seasons here are “summer, and hell.” I am so unbelievably sick of shorts and tank tops, both wearing them myself and seeing other people in them. And many people haven’t figured out that flip-flops are supposed to be worn in the shower – and no place else. Yuck. I do not want to see their ugly, dirty feet.

Unfortunately, I hate the sun, and summer was never my favorite season, even when I was growing up in Wisconsin. Seriously, I never wanted to move here to Arizona, but I didn’t have a choice. I was still living at home when my parents decided to move here, and I was given no option. That was back in the day when children were not thought of as human beings with thoughts, hopes, and dreams of their own. You did what your parents told you, without question. Now I have a life here that will be hard to change.

I know there is that dumb phrase, “look through the windshield, not in the rearview mirror.” Whatever. Things are what they are, and I grow more and more tired of the sun and heat every day. I want to move to where there is real weather and where every single day is not the same. Here, the sun is out every. single. day.

Meanwhile, I think I will go out and buy some boots and tights and warm dresses just to wear them on those one or two days each year when it is possible to do so without fainting from heatstroke, and hope for the day when that can be every day.


3 thoughts on “Winter clothes

  1. That’s why I live up here and not down there. I lived in FLORIDA for 5 years. I missed the trees/the Midwest. I knew better than to make PHX home.

  2. No, Robert, not a choice. 😦 I should live in Seattle because my favorite days are rainy, overcast, cold days. I love riding in that weather, too. I hope we will have a few winter storms here, which means cold rain, and I can go out and ride in them!

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