An amazing day

Sunday was a fun day, just as the Bangles once said. It started out one way, and evolved into another.

Sadly, I did not ride my motorbike. I should have. It was supposed to be my day, and I absolutely wanted to go dual sport riding. At least I got to go to breakfast with my Dad, and that was really nice. On the way home from that, I went to my favorite bargain store, Family Dollar, and got a bunch of clothes, one of my silly little indulgences that I allow from time to time.

But the real fun began in the afternoon. While Desmond and I were laid out on the couch watching DVDs of the series “Waking the Dead,” my brother-in-law came in and said, “hey, the wind’s blowing like h*ll out there!”

“What?!” I said, sitting up abruptly and flipping open the drapery behind the couch. He was right. It was dark, overcast, and the wind was blowing – hard! And then the rain started. It wasn’t a gradual start, the sky opened up.

“Wow!!” I exclaimed, “It’s a dream come true!” I got up and ran out to the back porch. This is what I saw:

A big, dark gray cloud:

There was some blue sky, and I sincerely hoped the sun would not come out again and spoil the day. It didn’t. In fact, it started raining harder:

That is the neighbor’s big, ugly tin-roofed shelter, against code, by the way.

The wind was whipping around, too. One minute it was coming from the south, and one minute from the north. When it came from the north, we  all started getting soaked, so we had to move farther back under the roof of the porch. By this time all three of us were standing outside watching the show. This is what happens in the desert – when it rains, everybody goes outside to either play in it, or watch it (if it is lightning).

And, speaking of lightning, uh-oh, something got hit:

Can you see the column of smoke next to the palm tree? It looks like it’s part of that cloud, but it isn’t. I hoped it wasn’t somebody’s house, but the dark brown smoke looked ominous.

Eventually, it the rain slowed down, then tapered off to a few drops here and there. When that squall was over, we had received .83 of an inch, an amazing amount. But that is how it is in the desert southwest, we only get around 10″ total per year, and a lot of times a big percentage of that dumps at one time. That is why we have flash flood alerts, among other things, when it rains.

In the evening, we went out for dinner, to my favorite place in town, Liberty Market.

They have this sandwich called the caprese sandwich that is to die for. I know there are versions of “caprese everything,” including salads, but it’s the bread that makes this particular sandwich. The crust has sesame seeds, and when they toast the bread, it is the perfect consistency to hold the tomatoes, mozzarella, dressing and “green stuff” together. Mmmmmmm. (I am so boring, I get the same thing every time I go there.)

We managed to get home and clean the pool out a little bit before the next storm loomed. The critters were out, too:

The noble grasshopper:

I cleaned up the mess on the back patio, which was mostly brown pine needles that had been blown by the wind from the pine tree near the house. It’s a stupid tree to plant near the pool, and I will be cleaning those needles out of the filters for days. At least the dumbest tree ever to get planted near the pool, a palm tree, is now gone. My husband finally got rid of it last year while I was on vacation. I would have liked to see that thing going down. he he (evil laugh)

Eventually, we settled down for the evening, but the lovely thing was falling asleep to the sound of rain drumming on the roof instead of the incessant hum of the air conditioner. I didn’t even care that I’d have to clean out the pool again in the morning!

It was an amazing day!


3 thoughts on “An amazing day

  1. Funny how the best times are often unplanned…A Walking Dead fan huh? – count me in on that – the first 5 minutes of the premier episode and I was hooked – I figured AMC would “flinch”, but no – and that makes all the difference.

    • No, “Waking the Dead,” the British procedural series:
      We love watching mystery series like these. The British ones are so good because they involve intricate plots, and every other word isn’t the “f-word.” I am so tired of hearing that word in some of these dumb American stories. Their creators lack imagination, and make up for it by continuously using that word. It adds nothing to the story. I like it when you don’t know what the solution to the mystery is until the last moment. 🙂

      • Ah – a dyslexic moment for me…Yes, I have heard of this show – we used to get BBCAmerica until it was bumped from our channel list. Certainly the Brits are much more creative with their language and swearing…I’m partial to using “bloody hell” a lot 🙂

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