The posts that I will do this coming weekend may seem slightly redundant to regular readers, but as you know, adventure can be had even in places you’ve already ridden. For one thing, the trail or dirt road is never the same twice, and this weekend, I will have the pleasure of introducing friends to places in the White Mountains that Hal and I know intimately. That will be exciting, and I hope they will enjoy it.

Today I am packing for the three days I will be gone, and I can tell you, it’s not the “minimalist” packing that I tried a few months ago!

Minimalist thread:

There is something about being able to put it all in the car (we are trailering the dirt bikes again) that makes me think that I can take a lot more clothes and gear than I really need. Plus, I am so worried now about making sure all the gear gets in. Remember last summer when we had to backtrack to the small town north of Alpine to find some pants for me to wear while riding. I had left all of my moto pants  at home! It was the “quest for pants.” I do not want to have to do that again for any other piece of gear!

In this post, you can compare it to the ones from last weekend to see how much the aspens have grown on FR403 since last summer:

Also, this time I packed horse riding gear as well because I might have an opportunity to do a trail ride, as I did last year.

I never know what the weather is going to be like, although at this time of year I think it will be calm and warm. At night it will be cool, without having to run the air conditioner or cooler  constantly, as we do in Phoenix in the summer.  What a luxury! So, I’m packing everything I think I might need, and it is all in a great big pile waiting to go.

Here’s the giant pile. Notice the dust still on my boots from last weekend, and the ever-present library book. I never leave home without a book, even for the day. You never know when you might have to wait for someone or something, and I can’t handle being without a book!:

This weekend will be a fun one, and too short, I am sure. I just can’t seem to get enough of those wonderful dirt roads in the White Mountains.


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