Think tank


It’s been an uneventful couple of weeks for me as I waited for the KLX to return from my mechanic’s shop. It was mainly there to get the new (larger) fuel tank installed, but it needed a few other adjustments as well. Tom, my mechanic, is going away for the summer, so I thought that I’d better get anything that I think might go wrong taken care of now. Usually, he is very quick about returning my bikes to me, but I think he has a lot of work in the shop, everyone doing the same thing as I am. So, after a few weeks of being on the road bike, I was still sort of “grounded,” at least in terms of dirt riding. Finally, on Sunday, Tom called, and I picked up my KLX!

New, bigger tank:

On the bike, ready for adventure!:

I am excited that the new tank is on the bike. It is a lovely bike! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a bike so much as this one, and now that it has a bigger fuel tank, I will hardly stay off it. The biggest tank I was able to get was only about one gallon larger than the stock tank. That will help, but I suppose I will have to carry fuel bottles when I am out in the more remote areas. Another cool thing about the tank is that it is translucent, so now I can see how much fuel is actually left in it. No more guessing.

Next week, the plans are that I should be out and about, as Hal and I are planning on attending the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ. I know some people think that is the greatest thing ever, but I always take it with a grain of salt. If these people were such adventure riders they would be out riding and not hanging out and posing. That’s just my opinion. I am going because I want to be out on the road, and my riding partner really wants to go to the Overland thing.  For that trip, I will take the F650GS. My GS needs to go somewhere, and it’s the perfect bike for that trip.

This summer I am planning on doing at least one “minimalist” touring adventure. We are going to try to ride from the Phoenix area all the way to the White Mountains on the small dual sport bikes. And then probably stay near Alpine and adventure ride for a few days, then return riding the same bikes. I guess I will see how that works! Sometimes I am not very minimalist because I “have” to take this and that, but really, I don’t need to haul a bunch of junk with me when it comes to traveling. I don’t think I absolutely need more than a couple of pairs of pants, and Under Armour shirts. And I certainly don’t need five choices of eye shadow! LOL

So, once I get through the “lull” of May, as I finish up the school year with the kids, I’ll move on with my life into the adventures of summer. I am so looking forward to it all!


4 thoughts on “Think tank

    • No, only from about 2 to 3 gallons. And not as much range as you think. I get less mpg than on the 650 because the 250 is geared lower. The mpg varies greatly, though, depending on the quality of fuel, and Tom just did a carburetor kit, too, so we’ll have to see what I get now! 🙂 P.S. Nice to hear from you, Randy!

  1. With all the crap happening in my life your blog is a great escape! The tank is a great idea, I was thinking of putting the Safari 4 gal on my WR. I’m tired of barly making it to a gas station and only taking 1.5 gallons.
    If you guys ever make it to the pacific northwest let me know, I’ll set you up with a great place to stay in the middle of some of the best riding country in the nation. We’re going to the BMW John Day rally in June. Try to make it.:)

    • Thanks, Ron! I’ll let you know how the tank works out. I’d like to move to the Pacific Northwest. I am afraid if I go there again I’d never want to leave. We’ll see. We don’t have a lot of solid travel plans for this summer yet.

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