Coming of age

Getting “kitted out.” With each trip, the KLX gets closer to being completely set up.

As you know, my most recent addition to the bike “stable” is Alex, my Kawasaki KLX250S. We’ve already spent over 1200 miles together in a short time, really only a period of two to three weeks of riding time. These have all been local miles, though. Now the time has come to venture out of our immediate area and experience Death Valley together.

Two years ago I rode my BMW F650GS there, rode around to a few places in Death Valley, and then there was the crazy ride home through an epic winter storm. We didn’t have much time on that trip, and I’ve wanted to return ever since.

This year, knowing that weather could easily play a similar role, Hal and I are trailering the small dual sport bikes. I never thought I’d trailer a bike anywhere, but logistically, it makes the most sense. We hope by doing it that way we will make the most of our riding time in DV, and if another storm hits, we will be in the relative safety of the car. I wouldn’t want to try to ride a bike any lighter than the F650GS through another storm like the one we rode through, fighting our way home over a day and a half, because both Hal and I had to be at work on Monday morning.

The little KLX will be a wonderful choice for experiencing Death Valley. There are so many places to explore, and I know I will not get to all of them. DV is one of those “works in progress.” I don’t know what it is about that place that I love so much. Maybe it is its unique beauty, its intriguing, diverse landforms, and the whole magic that makes me want to explore it endlessly.

(Fairly) new bike, new trip. Here we go!


3 thoughts on “Coming of age

  1. I think you have made a wise choice to carry the bikes on a trailer. No, not really because of your crazy weather last trip (although that would be a consideration), but because it looks like you only get around 120 miles per tank. You would either be stopping all the time or carrying your weight in extra fuel. Y’all have a good time. Take some good shots to share with us.

    • That was another reason for trailering, Randy. I can only carry so many fuel bottles! Soon I will invest in a larger tank. (Why these things like engine guards and larger fuel tanks do not come stock on this bike, I will never know!)

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