Storm day!


Yesterday, one of the most lovely winter storms we’ve had in a while barreled through the Phoenix area. It didn’t start out as much of anything yesterday morning, but at 3:30 p.m., the heavy rain started. It was still falling when I went to bed at 11:30, and finished around 2 a.m. Sunday. Several washes north of Phoenix were turned into raging torrents by flash floods, and several areas received 1” to 1-1/2” and even a little more rainfall. In order to enjoy at least a little bit of the storm’s aftermath, Hal and I planned a short ride north. We knew we wouldn’t get into any snow, but we also knew the clouds would be beautiful.

I chose the BMW F650GS, lately my favorite bike, and after a quick breakfast in Fountain Hills, we got onto the Beeline Hwy. and headed north. We wanted to do a short ride because we both had things to do later, and we are going to be on the road next weekend. But, short ride or not, the clouds lingering from the storm did not disappoint.

Just north of Fountain Hills, we saw Four Peaks, or rather, we didn’t – the top was obscured by thick gray clouds. If you recall, it was only last week, a week ago today, that we rode over Four Peaks and complained how dry it was. What a difference a week makes! I thought I saw a little bit of snow on the highest parts of the mountain as we rode past, and it would have been great to be going up there today.

Mt. Ord, from Hwy. 87:

The clouds got more spectacular the farther north we went. We stopped at our usual turn-around point in Sunflower, where I took a few photos of Mt. Ord, and the clouds to the west. Then we headed back down toward home. The whole purpose of the ride was to enjoy the winter storm sky, and it was so worth it.

Looking west from Sunflower, AZ:

Next week we will ride Death Valley!


One thought on “Storm day!

  1. I do know that you love to ride Jewel. I am glad you were able to get her repaired (I wrote ‘fixed’ at first, but that sounded a bit personal). I’m glad the weather cooperated for a ride up to the Mogollon Rim. That’s a pretty area even without the majestic clouds. BTW, which bike gets the nod for Death Valley? It should be one that can carry you through bad weather (in case you get a repeat of a previous trip. Ha ha).

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