Convention conclusion

Why does the song “Riding on the Metro” by Berlin keep going through my mind??


Today was the last day I got to go into the city for the convention. I thought maybe the Metro would be fairly empty today; I guess I was hoping for “Friday light.” I couldn’t have been more wrong – all the cars were packed. There were people of all ages and occupations. One man, obviously homeless and filthy, slept in one of the seats across the aisle from me. There was a couple sitting and sleeping in the seats in front of him, and they appeared to be in the same situation. They could be any of us, at any time. Most people are just a paycheck or two away from losing their home. Sadly, that is what those in power want.

Here are my thoughts on the week:

I loved riding the Metro into the city each day, and I knew I would. In fact, I think the biggest highlight of the week was getting to ride the train! I would totally ride it every day if I could work downtown.


The last downtown photo for a while. I love the mirrored-window high rises when they reflect the ripped cotton clouds of an incoming storm:

I also found that I miss being around the energy of the downtown area. I used to work there years ago, and as I said before, I miss working in graphic arts. It no longer exists as I knew it, but I am sure there are other creative jobs available. I like the energy and excitement of being around working adults, professionals, and other workers, in different types of jobs, and I like being around people of diverse cultures. There are always so many interesting things to see and learn in an urban area. My eyes were open wide during these three days, my brain going at lightning speed. I always want and need new things to think about.

The conference itself was nothing spectacular, but it did have a few pearls of wisdom. The last keynote speaker was excellent, and almost everyone sat in rapt attention for two hours. That is saying something since the speaker before him was abysmally dull.

Overall, I took some good ideas home from the convention, and I hope to have some meaningful conversations about those ideas with my colleagues, and my boss, who was also there. It would be nice if we could get closer to the ideal in our school, and I think we all want that.

Next week is the last before spring break in our district. I can’t believe it is already almost here. It is sure to be another wild week in an elementary school.


One thought on “Convention conclusion

  1. Close But No Cigar
    I dug and dug through everything I could find online, but nothing told me what I needed to be clever in today’s comment. I was trying to find the agenda for your conferences and I wanted to say something like, “Yes, when Dr. So-and-so talked about how to teach such-and-such a topic and keep the kids enthralled, I was spellbound.” Since I found nothing, though, you’ll just have to be satisfied with my good intentions.

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