The view from up here – Weekly photo challenge: Threes

More of the story later this week. Today was a beautiful day for riding!

My world through a camera lens

from up here You’ve seen many photos from me of Four Peaks – from the bottom. Today, for the first shot of the “threes,” I took this photo from the top. Down there, the scene through the foliage, is where I live, and where I normally am when I shoot this iconic mountain.

bikes on top

The road surface was sand, deep sand, more sand, and marbles (pebbles) over hard-packed dirt. Some of the tight switchbacks were tricky as I slid around them. We finally made it to the top, and took a break. A jeep came up behind us, stopped, and one of the men inside the truck told us that his GPS had said there was “a guy” ahead. “The guy” was Hal! (Apparently, I was invisible.)

4peaks detail

This is the “detail” shot – the sign says the road number, which is 143, and there is a gate, which is closed when there is heavy…

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2 thoughts on “The view from up here – Weekly photo challenge: Threes

  1. I am afraid the facts do not support your hypothesis. Maybe the driver’s GPS included a backscatter (like at the airport) and he was able to determine that one of you was, in fact, “a guy” and the other was a girl. Then again, what kind of GPS tracks people? That’s crazy.

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