Reflections on riding

It probably seems that I haven’t been riding much lately, which, I guess is true to a certain extent. I have been, but it’s been short rides to places I’ve ridden to many times before, and I am sure you don’t need to hear for the 500th time about how I rode to Deer Valley Airport this morning and ate crispy bacon! Which is what I did, but since I rode Saturday, that was the extent of the ride today.

Yesterday, I rode another route, to Kearny and Globe, which I’ve ridden many times, but  I rode with a group of fellow BMW riders. It was fun, the company was good, and the weather was lovely. I chose to ride my F650GS, which I have been on for the last few weeks. Through a series of “domino effect” circumstances, I have been off the F800ST (parked until next weekend), and the KLX (parked until my seat returns from the guy who is cutting the seat down so my feet will reach the ground again!). It sucks to be short.

With any luck, I will be exploring someplace new next weekend, or at least exploring something on a dual sport motorcycle. I spent today cleaning chains, cleaning the garage, and re-arranging the bikes. There are too many of them, I decided, so re-thinking the inhabitants of said garage may be in order. We’ll see. Now that football season is over, I don’t have any other sport but motorcycling to think about!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on riding

  1. I have noticed there has been a dearth of ride updates recently. After reading this post, I had been thinking to comment on the implication that you are cleaning chains means you plan to participate in a rumble. However, I picked up on your comment that “u are having a seat cut down so you can “reach the ground again”. I suppose it is the “again” part that puzzles me. Apparently, you are shrinking. If it keeps up, maybe riding partner could just drop you in his saddlebags for future rides. It just sounded funny to me.

    • I know, it probably sounded weird if you haven’t experienced it. I got new tires on the KLX and since they are such big “knobbies,” it made the bike even taller than it was. I had almost no foot on the ground as it was, but after the new tires, I had one foot on the ground, on tip-toes, and the other far away from the ground. So, my husband said, “uh-uh,” and I agreed. Then came the ordeal of getting the seat taken care of.

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