White church

Photo from Sunday’s photo shoot.

My world through a camera lens

White churchI rode my motorbike to Superior, AZ today  for another photo shooting session. I’d been here for the same reason about 15 months ago. I was hoping for a somewhat overcast day. Yesterday, where I live had been surrounded by winter storm clouds, some over the Superior area, but today was disappointingly clear. It makes for very harsh light to shoot in, but I did manage to find a few shots that were worth keeping.

Superior is a former mining town, although there have been rumors of a resurgence. The downtown area seems a little bit more lively compared to my last visit. My friend, Hal, and I walked several blocks, up and down. There isn’t one flat spot in this whole town! Of course that makes sense, because it can’t be a mining town without mountains. You can see them in the background in this photo.

I liked the…

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4 thoughts on “White church

  1. Thanks to you (no thanks to you?), I wasted twenty minutes websurfing. Why? I was going to impress you by finding info about that church, but could not locate it. I looked for churches in Superior, former churches, historic buildings. Nothing. I even tried to use the hills in the background to orient my search, but was unsuccessful. So, congrats on piquing my curiosity.

  2. This beautiful gem was a local Presbytarian church back in the early half of the twentieth century. There were so few back then in these small towns, where the dominant faith was Catholic. It was a thriving congregation for local families before and after WW2, with an incredible rich history. An artist bought it and began renovation. Many of the sons, daughters and descendants that have ties to this church relocated to the surrounding cities and other parts of the United States.

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