A low-key Saturday

A tranquil moment, much like my day:

In an effort to make my purple (highly bruised) leg return to normal, I went on an easy bicycle ride along the canal today. It felt great to get out there and move, and I felt really strong. Once I got out there I thought maybe I should have ridden “out,” my term for getting out on an actual mountain bike trail. I like to ride aggressively (big surprise), and I would have put on some big knee pads because, to be honest, my leg won’t take any more hits right now.

The most exciting thing I saw on my ride was not the ducks. It was a couple of yearlings (horses) playing in the big field next to the canal on one part of my ride. They were playing and having a blast in the warm sunshine. I shot video with my little point-and-shoot, and I hope to have it done for you tomorrow. I am still debating whether I should make up some music for it on Garageband, as I have done in the past.

The rest of the day I got some things done, and had a “down day,” where I did the things I like. After I took down the Xmas decorations and re-arranged the garage because I needed the GS in the “back” position for tomorrow, I dared to have a cup of coffee while sitting in the warm sun on the front porch. I watered my plants, did laundry, you know, boring stuff, but it was relaxing after a busy, stressful week.

I watched football and the Seahawks won! My Packers were out after last weekend, and now I am hoping the Seahawks can go all the way. I made tuna casserole for “my boys,” and read a book while the commercials (on mute) were on during the games. I had hoped the Colts would win, too, but unfortunately, they had a bad day. That’s why I think it’s so unfair for the whole season to come down to one game for these guys. There should be a football series like in baseball at the end of the season.

Tomorrow I am riding, after a whole week of not riding, and I have missed my days on the bikes. The KLX is still in the shop, recovering, and won’t come out without new, “knobby” tires. Imagine that.


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