Inventing necessities


Hunting gear

My clever brother-in-law decided he was going to paint his hunting “blind” himself because he could not find one that had the camouflage pattern that would make it nearly invisible where he was going to bow hunt. So, being creative and innovative, he bought a stock blind, then set out to find fabric paints so he could paint it himself and create his own pattern.



After searching on the internet and then in local stores, he found what he needed at Michael’s.  He wanted paints that would work on fabric but not make it too stiff, and then he set about transforming the blind.

How it started out:

He has already made his own camo pants, which I think are cool, and he was trying to pattern the blind after those. He had the pants hanging next to where he was painting the blind, giving him a reference.

The cool pants (you can hardly see them!):

I was teasing him and calling him “Picasso” and all that, but I really thought his idea was a great one. I like how whenever he can’t find something that fits his needs, he makes something of his own or modifies something that already exists.

Work in progress:

When he was done painting, he put the blind out back to see how it looked from a distance. He said he didn’t completely like it close up, but from farther away it worked well – it wasn’t very visible.

Done, and nearly invisible:

When he got home from the hunt, he said the blind worked great. He almost got a deer, but the herd of them took off like lightning when he stepped out of the blind. I saw photographs of how the blind was set up when he was out hunting, and it could barely be seen! It was amazing. He had helped it a little by further disguising it with a few branches he had found lying around the site.

Now he’s working out the details on some other things that he took along on the hunt and didn’t completely like. I am sure he will come up with something great!


2 thoughts on “Inventing necessities

  1. Let’s see. I saw a picture of paints, and a sponge and brush shot, then a bunch of photos with nothing in them. I guess the camo worked well, huh?

    Actually, that is pretty cool to create your own pattern (or lack thereof) if you don’t like the commercial stuff. Why did he have to step out of the blind. Why couldn’t he shoot through that upper part or the flap in the curtain. I have been hunting before, but never used a blind.

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