A few road miles to top off a great vacation

From the bike show and swap meet:


After Thursday’s rather “adventurous” ride, we laid low on Friday, resting, catching up on things at home. As much as I’d like to, I can’t spend every day on a bike. But after Friday was over, I was back on a bike, my road bike this time. At first we were going to take the dual sport bikes and explore more areas off the Florence-Kelvin Hwy., but then I decided I wanted to ride in warm comfort on the highway, and do something a little different. So, I got the F800ST out, put the side cases on it to hold my stuff, plugged in the vital things (radar detector and accessory plug), and off I went. I will be honest, I felt a little “off” all day, somewhat uncomfortable, a little vulnerable., and I had to make an effort to really pay attention and stay in the moment as I rode. My off-road injuries from Thursday hurt; it always takes until the second day to really feel how bad it is. But, I wrapped my knee, put the pain out of my mind, and got on the bike.

We hadn’t been to the Road Runner near New River, AZ for breakfast for at least a year, and when we got there we found it had changed owners. It looks a lot better physically, and the help is more professional. It also looks much cleaner. We sat in front of the roaring fire in the grate and had a good breakfast, and then we were out on the road.

With my Gerbings heated jacket liner cranked up and the heated grips on, I was so comfortable. As I have said before, this bike makes me want to ride far and fast, and that’s what we did as we worked our way up I-17 toward the Camp Verde exit. On the way, I noticed a guy sitting in the backseat of a BMW car that passed us; the man was taking photos of me on my bike as I rode. Hal says people look at it all the time. It’s a pretty bike, but I think the explanation is that most people who don’t ride motorcycles don’t know that BMW builds motorcycles, and if they are interested in BMW cars, they are also interested by the fact that BMW also builds motorcycles. Ironically, BMW has been building motorcycles since long before they thought of making cars.

Hal and I exited at the General Crook Trail and took it through Camp Verde, headed towards the Rim on 260. I wanted to do this loop because it is beautiful and fun. And cold. We rode the curves up to the top of the Rim where it was the coldest of the ride, in the low 40s F., with a couple of inches of snow on the ground at the highest elevation. This is much less snow than we’ve see there in previous years, and we can only hope there will be more in January-March. Soon we were coming down off the Rim, through Strawberry and Pine, and then riding into Payson, where we stopped to fuel up the bikes.

Soon we were back in the Valley where the temperatures had climbed into the 70s F., and we made an early day of it. My knee was hurting even though I had it wrapped. The whole day I had felt a little “off,” and vulnerable, I suppose, because of my injuries. I went home and relaxed, then slept well that night.

Beautiful BMW engines, old and new:

The next day, Sunday, Hal and I went to breakfast, then to a bike swap meet in north Phoenix. We enjoyed our breakfast, then at the swap meet and bike show, saw lots of friends. We walked around and saw pretty bikes, and a few oddities, both bikes and people! By then, the show was winding down, it was going to be over early so participants could get home to watch the football wild card games, and Hal and I left. I wanted to watch the Green Bay Packers play the 49ers. So, despite everything, I managed to get over 300 miles on the road for the weekend.

The fun is over for a while, back to work tomorrow.  When I’m not riding, I don’t have any adventures to write about. I will have to make do with the weekends again for a while. 10 weeks to spring break, and I’m counting it down!  🙂


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