New Year’s resolutions

In a party mood:

Happy New Year!

Yes, I look ridiculous, but just this once (well, maybe). Anyway, I wrote down some resolutions for this year:

1. Finish the book! I am talking about the horse book that I wrote last summer. It sort of was going to get published, but it was going to cost me too much money. So, rather than rely on a vanity press, I will send it out, try to get a deal with a conventional publisher. Failing that, I will just publish it on, or some other site, self-publish it for my school kids, at least. If you don’t remember it, I published most of it here last May-June, but I had to take it down in case a potential publisher objected. I might re-post the first chapter, if anyone is interested. But, in my opinion, it needs a lot of work by me before it is ready to be read by millions! 😉

2. Manage money better. Too much goes into motorcycling, although motorcycling is the way I meet people and get to do amazing things, and travel far. Not to mention photograph beautiful sights, some of which have ended up in the local gallery. Hmmm. Maybe motorcycling isn’t such a bad investment after all. I think it’s all priorities, what is most important. I don’t think any dying person would ever say, “I wish I’d traveled less and worked more.” I would like to be able to travel more and have more motorcycle-related adventures. That is what gives me subjects to write about, and photograph. Writing and photography are important things in my life.

3. Speaking of motorcycling, I should take an un-emotional look at which bikes I really need and which should now be sold so someone else can enjoy them. I can only ride one at a time, and it’s not good for bikes to sit too long without being ridden. Plus, they are taking up a lot of room in the garage. I am fortunate to have an understanding husband!

4. Invest less time in work. I know that sounds a little “bad,” but I am not getting any younger, and having to put so much time and energy into work is not what I want anymore. I am not saying I won’t put a lot into my job, but it doesn’t need to invade every aspect of my life. The common theme here seems to be having more time for travel adventures.

I know those are only four, but they are fairly big. Some are going to mean thinking differently, and not going about things in the same old way. That idea always is enough to test a person’s resolve.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. As you suggested, those are huuuuge resolutions. And they are like macro-resolutions for each of us. 1. We all have something that we really want to finish, but we don’t get around to it. Well, get a round tuit. 2. Manage money better. ‘Nuff said. 3. Take an unemotional look at what we have surrounded ourselves with and clean up our lives. 4. Invest less time in work. Yes, life is about more than just our jobs. We should enjoy life itself. Thanks for the thoughts.

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