New Year’s Eve

Dec. 31, 2013

I managed to get up reasonably early (for me), get my road bike  (F800ST) out, and get on the road. It was cold, but I didn’t care today. That is luxury living for me, getting on that lovely bike and being able to blast up the 101 north, plugged in and warm, the heated grips on high. I was riding quickly, flowing with the traffic. People drive so fast on that road, and I certainly wasn’t the fastest. I was enjoying my day, feeling comfortable and warm, and sitting on my new sheepskin seat cover. Ohhhhh, cushy.

I got to Deer Valley Airport early, and got a parking space up front. That is my luck, I always get a good spot. Hal rolled in on Zahra about 10 min. later, and we went in to breakfast. The airport was busy, it was a weekday and not a Sunday, and the restaurant was not crowded with seething piles of children as it usually is. We got a table by the window to watch the planes come in and out, and I ate a manly breakfast of two poached eggs, two full pieces of rye toast, and four pieces of bacon, cooked to the perfect crispness. There is no better place for bacon than the DVA restaurant! Coffee was nothing special. There are almost no restaurants that serve good coffee anymore, and I think it’s because no one knows any better. I do, though.

After we took our time for breakfast, we went up on top to the observation deck and watched planes and helicopters come in and out.

We watched a little red plane do touch-and-gos for a while, the usual flying school little blue and white planes come and go, and a sheriff’s chopper land, refuel, and go out again.

Another PD helicopter came in, too, and when the passenger got out, I saw that it was the guy who had parked his car next to my bike when I was waiting for Hal to arrive. We were leaving at the time, too, and when we walked out, he was there by his car. I almost asked him if he’d had a nice ride, but figured it wasn’t any of my business anyway. Who knows what job he has? I know he checked out my bike good and proper, though. 😉

Finally, we had to part company, and I started my ride home. The freeway traffic was outrageous. I don’t think I’ve been in such heavy, fast-moving traffic since we came through L.A. on the way home from California two years ago. The freeway was jammed, especially with a couple of big RVs pulling SUVs. Those people are probably from the cold country, wanted to stay home for Christmas, but then escaped at the first opportunity. I can only imagine that they must feel glad to be here tonight to ring in the New Year, enjoying the comparative warmth of our climate. They probably celebrated, went to or made a nice dinner in their RV, then fell asleep early after a long day that included some driving.

For me, it’s the usual uneventful evening at home on New Year’s Eve, but that suits me just fine. I am warm and cozy, and even the dog is fairly calm (she hates fireworks going off!).

I am thinking of the things I want to do, the goals I want to achieve, for the next year. Lots of things are swirling in my mind right now, but I think by tomorrow they will settle into some kind of order. Tomorrow I will write about those.

I still have one more hour left of 2013 here and now. Have a happy new year, everyone!


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. The little red plane looks like a Midget Mustang. If you’re really burning to find out you can look at the N number on the tail and go to the FAA website, look it up, and find out for sure. Exciting, eh?

  2. I fear I am too old to want to go out and party on NYE. You did it the right way (for me, at least). Get your day started early, do some stuff, but then settle in for the evening and watch the next year start quietly with your loved ones.

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