Weekly writing challenge: haiku; today, beaches

One last day to make the most of haiku. When I wrote these, I thought of Ocean Beach, CA.

Seashells crushed on shore
the hushing waves lap rhythmic
smoothing out the stones

Weeds in the water
wispy, floating free like veils
kelp textured like hair

Tide pools teem with life
microcosms of the sea
lively, warm, squirming

Mollusks, snails, small crabs
wiggle, crawl, eat each other
birds watch from above

The waves slap and hiss
crashing, flying against rocks
droplets fall like pearls


That’s it! I certainly have enjoyed this week’s writing challenge! 🙂  I hope next week’s is good, too. Here is the main link: dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/…


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