An unusual POV: weekly photo challenge

I am “into” these photo challenges lately, just to keep things interesting around here!

This one is “an unusual point of view, ” and I chose this one from my day trip of almost a year ago to Tonto Natural Bridge near Payson, AZ. I am inside the “cave” that is under the bridge itself, and looking out toward the curtain of water as it drops into the sunlight. It is an amazing sight. The people in the foreground give an idea of the magnitude of the landform.


2 thoughts on “An unusual POV: weekly photo challenge

  1. Luckily, this is a state park, so the US government shutdown should not affect it. It is an easy but fun little hike to visit the bridge. As you mention, we all have to catch that shot of the sun backlighting the opening and the water dripping down.

    You could also have just put a photo of me in your blog for this challenge. Many people say that I am unusual. Ha ha.

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