A river runs through it

At the rally site, Taos, 2013

After breakfast this morning, Hal and I got on the bikes and headed east on NM 518 to Sipapu ski area for the rally. Our plan was to go there, walk around a bit, maybe have some coffee, look at the vendors’ wares, and then talk to whoever we ran into. When we got to the rally site, I said to Hal, “hey, I have an idea. Would you like to take my bike and run back to Taos, then come back?” I knew he wanted to ride my bike, I could see the longing in his eyes.

“Okay,” he said. (wow, he didn’t need much persuading!) So, I handed him my keys, and off he went.

I de-geared in the parking lot and put my stuff on his bike. Then, I ran into two or three people that I knew and ended up standing there talking the whole time he was gone. He rolled back into the parking lot in what seemed like a short time later.

“I didn’t get very far, did I?” I said, laughing. “Did you like riding my bike?” Dumb question, his joyful grin said it all.

Then we went into the lodge, I grabbed a cup of coffee from the big urn, and we walked around the lovely rally site. I stood on the bridge and listened to the silvery musical sound of the creek that runs through it. I closed my eyes, wanting to remember it so I could think of it when things get stressful at work, as they always do.

Sights at the rally

First, another bike that I want:

Funny side-stand stabilizer:

First stop was the vendors’ area. I was lucky – I found what I was looking for. I have been searching for a small waterproof bag with the loops so I can secure it to the top of the other small bags I am using for this trip. Having a few smaller bags is better for me on this bike because the super-big one hangs over the top of my side cases and I can’t get to the lock to open them. It was a reasonable price, too, and I am always glad to support the vendors at my favorite events.

Our next plan was to go two-up on my bike so I could shoot photos of the alpacas, the amazing little road that we were on yesterday, and some of the cool buildings along the route. I found myself sitting behind Hal on the back of my own bike, seeing it and riding it from a new perspective. It is surprisingly comfortable and secure, and we rode to Mora, through Guadalupita, and onto the narrow road that I wanted to shoot yesterday.

Amazing little road:

This time I was on the back and armed with not one, but two cameras. The great thing about my bike from a passenger’s perspective is that it is comfortable and secure, and I did not have any trouble leaning around Hal shooting video and photographs. I got almost everything I wanted, but I only had point and shoot cameras to work with. Oh well, it’s the photographer, not the camera, right? A good shot is a good shot.

Alpacas in a field:

Close-ups of the cool little guys. See how they are shorn?:

In Mora, NM 518 turnoff:

When we came back through Mora, we stopped at the Family Dollar store so I could get some ibuprofen. I’ve been having trouble with muscles that didn’t relax right away and now are sore from being so tense (thanks to my job). I will be okay on the return trip tomorrow if I have something to relax them. I also found some tank tops on sale for $2, and since the weather is so uncharacteristically hot, I had to get them. More souvenirs from the rally, and cheap ones at that!

We made our way back to the rally and hung out some more. That’s what we do at the rally, just hang out, walk around, and talk to people. Oh, and eat, because soon it was dinnertime. They changed the menu this year to brisket, and I only had a little bit. Too much beef the last couple of day, even though what I consider “too much” is nothing compared to some people’s idea of eating meat. Enough is enough, and for me, enough was too much already. No more heavy meat for a while for me.

After dinner, the band started to crank up, but the light was fading from the sky. It was growing cooler, too, and we decided to head back to Taos for the night. I wanted to ride the 518 and enjoy it one more time, and I didn’t want it to be dark and have to watch out for elk the whole way back. So, we left.

It’s time now to organize and pack things to be ready to leave Taos early tomorrow morning. We will be riding all the way home, as we did last year. It isn’t fun, but it’s what has to be done.

This year’s rally was great because of having the extra day in Taos. I think we will stick to this plan for a while so we can truly enjoy our stay here. As usual, it went too fast. I can hardly believe we will be home in 24 hours. sigh  Good things always come to an end too quickly.


3 thoughts on “A river runs through it

  1. I love that the alpacas are wearing those ankle warmer things from the ’80s. And I love that side stabilizer with the Beany Baby under it. Really funny. And I love that you obviously enjoy those trips and am glad you can make them.

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