A cloudy day of riding

“I’m tired of being in this hot state,” said Pearl.

“I know,” sighed Zahra. “It’s been a long boring summer, aside from being taken apart and put back together.”

“Especially for no reason,” commented Pearl.

“Yeah, at least yours was for a new drive-train belt.”

“And don’t forget the service. I feel so much better now, so much faster,” said Pearl. “And, I think we are going to New Mexico next week.”

“Is it that time of year already?” asked Zahra, incredulously.

“Yep!” said Pearl, brightly. “It’s my favorite trip!”

“Mine too!” said Zahra, enthusiastically, “even if we get into lots of rain!”

“Especially if we get into lots of rain!” said Pearl, happily.

“Shhhhhh! Here they come!” said Zahra.

“Okay. Talk to you later!”



Yesterday I was putting clothing away after doing laundry, including the five or so pairs of shorts that I own. I was hoping to put them away for good – soon – but I think I have another couple of months to go.

Why, you might ask, when I live in a super-hot place, do I only have a few pairs of shorts? The short answer (ha ha, get it?) is that I hate summer, and I hate hot weather, and in my own convoluted stubborn way, that is my rebellion against the suffocating, ever-present heat here. I hate shorts, and I hate wearing them, so I only do it if I’m forced to, like when it’s 120° F. and clothing in general is objectionable! I only need five pairs to rotate, and I don’t care if people notice I only have a few. I constantly wish for cool or cold weather.

I must have wished that very thing extra hard because today was a bit of a reprieve. I’ve been checking the weather forecast and it’s been promising clouds and rain, but living here, I always say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” But, miraculously, it came true today, and as I geared up for riding, I made sure I had rain gear with me. I even put the lighter tinted face shield on the helmet. That hasn’t happened since the winter months last year!

Hal and I were riding to Payson this morning for a club brunch. Several riders had RSVP’d to go, but I had an idea that not many would actually come. See, I never get that. Another riding group I know of canceled their ride yesterday, too, because it was cloudy and supposedly rainy north of here. I always think, so what?? Do they think they will melt or something? Personally, I love riding in the rain, but you already know that if you’ve read this blog for any length of time.

As I left the house this morning,  I thought it was hot anyway. It was pleasantly overcast, but the humidity was up. When I got moving, it cooled down a bit, and I luckily made all the lights without putting my feet down. Hal and I stopped in Fountain Hills to fuel up the bikes. I thought about putting rain gear on then, but as Hal said, “I don’t see anything!” meaning rain as we looked north. I didn’t either, and the thought of putting on another layer was almost too much. Plus, it’s like wrapping yourself in plastic wrap – it becomes a sweatbox very quickly. No, I’d rather take the chance of getting a little wet than being HOT!

As I mentioned above, it was very dark going up, and the clouds were so beautiful, heavy and gray, hanging over the Mazatzal Mountains. The top of Mt. Ord was also obscured, and it looked like rain was falling up there. I sort of wished I was on the GS and could take a detour into the mud, but the poor GS is still in the shop.

When we got to the brunch, there were very few people there, and they were already eating. We were on time, not late, but the others had been early. We’d suspected that, so we hadn’t planned on eating much anyway. We were going to go to Crosswinds later for real breakfast, just because I like eggs and bacon and breakfast stuff. Plus, I knew the Rim would look spectacular under the dark clouds. We only spent an hour at the brunch, and then everyone started leaving. So, off we went to Crosswinds. It was only 70° F. when we got there, and it felt so wonderful to feel the cool air flowing through my mesh riding jacket.

Rain on the Rim:

The Rim really did look spectacular. We watched the clouds darken even more as we ate breakfast, then the rain began to move toward us, toward the edge of the Rim. It was amazingly beautiful, as it always is, and the rain stayed where it was.

We also watched a small, chartered jet land, an air ambulance, on a mission of mercy. A ground ambulance met it on the airport, and transported a patient. One of the pilots came in and had breakfast while the other crew members must have accompanied the ground ambulance to its destination. The guy who ate breakfast finished, and walked back out to the plane, then finally the ground ambulance returned with the rest of the crew. As we were leaving, the jet taxied to the runway and took off.

As empty as the road had been going north, it was busy going south, as usual. The sky remained dark and overcast, but we got into no rain today at all. Soon, we could feel the heat from Phoenix again, and it always amazes me how quickly my body acclimates to cooler weather! The relief didn’t last long, but at least I did have a bit of a break.

Hal and I both had things to do this afternoon, so we parted company at our usual spot, returning to our respective homes mid-afternoon. I wanted to keep riding, but common sense and responsibility told me to get home. At least we will be on the road in a week and a half. I am looking forward to it since it’s the only real road trip we will have this summer!


2 thoughts on “A cloudy day of riding

  1. You are saying that you do not understand “fair weather” riders. I fully get why they cancel out. You won’t have the same riding experience if you are not physically comfortable; if you have to ride so slowly to avoid sliding or anything; if you cannot take offroad excursions because of mud. I think that you might even say that I don’t really like swimming just because I don’t like the cold water after mid-September.

    I know you are busy with school starting up, but what’s going on with Inky? She hasn’t made an appearance in a few days.

    • Hi Randy, Yes, I get the part about not being comfortable riding motorcycles in the rain, but then I would say get the gear so you are comfortable. I really enjoy riding in the rain, and I don’t slow down, I trust my tires.
      As far as Inky is concerned, I am still riding every week. I thought people were getting tired of seeing those stories. I am hoping tomorrow night I will have more riding photos. Next week I will be on the road. Then back to horse riding after that! 🙂

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