Camera truths

I got an awesome new (to me) camera, a little point and shoot. It is almost the same as the one I’ve had for several years, a Canon Powershot A1000IS, but that one is getting worn out. So, I went with a newer version of that camera, a Canon Powershot A1100IS that Desmond found on ebay. They don’t make these cameras anymore, probably because they are so good. The newer one has 12.1 megapixels, a slight improvement over the 10 that the 1000 has. It also has the viewfinder, like the 1000,  as well as the display. I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without a viewfinder.

Another change is that instead of having a dedicated setting for closeups, the new one does them on full auto. I think it did a great job on these photos of my roses:

I like the little Canons as much as I like my big higher-end Canon. A lot of times it is more convenient to carry the small point-and-shoot without risking the more expensive camera.

And no, I don’t buy into the phone-as-camera thing. I still have a “dumb phone,” and that’s fine with me.  A camera is a camera, and a phone is a phone!


2 thoughts on “Camera truths

  1. My first digital camera was a little Canon SX1000IS. It probably still works and I have it at home. Once I went for a DSLR, I chose Nikon because other family members had one. I wish my DSLR had a live view display in addition to my viewfinder. you know, for those not-easy-to-frame shots.

    I also do not have a smartphone. My resistance is more because of the price of data plans than any statement I am trying to make.

    Your P&S did a remarkable job on those rose photos. Thanks.

    • Randy, I am “financially challenged,” so must make do without a smartphone. Like you, that is my main reason for having a “dumb phone.”

      I love that little Canon camera, and I felt so lucky to get one that is almost brand new. Maybe I ought to get another one for when this one wears out! 🙂

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