The calmness of a rainy day

I woke up early this morning and looked out the window to find the surface of the pool water pocked with divots made by raindrops as they fell from the overcast sky. All summer I have longed for a rainy day at home, but never got it. Of course it happened today when I couldn’t stay home and enjoy it.

I did enjoy it anyway, but in a different way than lounging around the house drinking a cup of coffee and writing. I took my cup of coffee to work with me, and opened the blinds in my classroom so I could see outside the big window that faces west. No kids until tomorrow, so I allowed myself to stare dreamily out the window while I had my coffee. Then I got busy getting work together for the kids to do tomorrow. We start right in, there is no time to waste. The chaos and madness of the school year begins, whether any of us are ready for it or not.

I had to go off campus for a little while mid-morning, and the rain was down to a few drops here and there, but it was still lovely to drive with the sound of wet pavement beneath my tires, and the intermittent slap of the windshield wipers. It made everything I did exciting and fun, the overcast sky making me forget what time of day it was. Time hardly seemed to move because I didn’t see that “thing” in the sky blasting incessant heat down on everything.

The afternoon was dry, but still overcast. I hardly dared hope that we might have an entire day without the sun breaking through and spoiling it. Yet the day went on, and it was still beautifully gray. I worked calmly, happily, my favorite weather outside the window. I got a lot done!

On the way to the gym tonight, my luck held. I opened the sliding roof in the car so I could enjoy the cool air. I thought of the roadway, and all of the usually superheated surfaces – concrete, brick, gravel, everything that holds the heat and makes the heat unbearable even at night. Getting a couple of days’ relief will make the overnight temperatures go down to where they should be in the nighttime desert.

After my workout and when I was driving home headed west, I was elated that it seemed that the sun had already set because of the cloudbank. I thought, well, we are headed toward shorter days. Could it have shortened that much already? It was a hopeful thought, but untrue, as I found out when the glowing orange ball of the setting sun dropped below the cloudbank.

It was a glaring eyeball below an imaginary cocked eyebrow, a drunken bloodshot orange. If it had had a nose below it, it would have been a nose crooked and hooked with displeasure at being obscured all day. As I drove, I tried for patches of shade at the stoplights so I wouldn’t have to see it. The blast of light was over in about 10 minutes, and then the sun was gone below the horizon.

I always say that the way the sky is at sunset is how it will be the next day. Unfortunately, that means that the  sun will be pounding its heat and blare down on the city again tomorrow. A torturous thought.

It will be okay, though. I will meet “my” new kids tomorrow, we’ll get through the day. A new school year will begin, sun or not. Although personally I would prefer it to be rainy, I know the kids will be happy to get their first recess of the year outside!


2 thoughts on “The calmness of a rainy day

  1. A couple of weeks ago, there was a strong forecast of rain and I dutifully carried my umbrella with me every morning as I left for work. One day, I even had it with me as I moved between buildings on the company campus. Tuesday, though, I did not check the forecast. i did not carry my umbrella. So, what happens? It did rain, and I did have to walk to other buildings. Luckily, it was a very light drizzle, so it wasn’t bad (although I was a bit anxious since I had my laptop with me).

    Good luck on Day One of 2013-2014.

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