Wild horses

Today I went in search of the wild horses that live in a nearby river area. I didn’t expect to find them, I only wanted to scout the area and see where I should return to when I thought they might be out. I thought today would be a “high human traffic” day, and that they wouldn’t be out. I should know they are smarter than humans.

The setting:

The second area in which Desmond and I were searching, seemed empty until I turned around to go back to the car – and then heard hoofbeats! Soon they were visibile in their wild glory, high-spirited and free. They were already running, I did not spook them, and they flew down closer to the river.

Full flight:

We explored two more areas, and found more horses. This band of a stallion and four mares included this little bay filly:

Farther down, and amidst more human activity than I thought they would tolerate, we saw this family. The stallion and mare, giving me a wary eye, are in the background, the foal, just awakened from a nap, sat up and looked right at me:

I hope to go back again soon and get more photos of these beautiful, wild horses.


4 thoughts on “Wild horses

  1. Before I expanded it, I though the white stump on the right of the bottom photo was a dog running into the scene. Nope, just a stump.

    I like the top photo, but the one of the stallion running and kicking up the dust, tail flying is my fave of the day. Were you that close or did you have some honking zoom on your camera?

    • I was reasonably close since my zoom lens is not working at the moment!
      I was amazed to find these horses. I hope I can go back and get more photos. They are so beautiful!

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