No Strangers

Tonight I once again had the privilege of being part of an Art Intersection exhibit of photographs, called “No Strangers.” I had two photographs in this exhibit, which is exciting to me because previously I’ve only had one in each of the shows I’ve been in. The gallery was full of wonderful work, and once again I learned so much just listening and looking as I walked around the exhibit tonight. More on the exhibit can be found here:

Here I am, next to my work:

If you are local and get the chance, it is always worth visiting the galleries.


One thought on “No Strangers

  1. I cannot tell what is in that first photograph? Is it a nest of some kind?

    Really? No Strangers? I’d bet there are at least a couple of pretty strange people there (no, I am not implying anything about you). Congrats for being featured with TWO photos this time.

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