Last day in the White Mountains

I woke up to a foggy, cloudy day, but I was eager to get up and get going. I was going to ride horseback one last time. After a quick breakfast and throwing my stuff quickly into my bags, I went out to the stable. Wild Bill was already there tacking the horses, and he was almost done. I helped with a couple of things, and then we waited for the people who were supposed to ride. They were late. Meanwhile, I got acquainted with my mount for the day, Lucy, a pretty little bay mare. Bill was going to put a kid on Cisco, so I was to ride Lucy.

Here’s Lucy:

The riders finally showed up. They were a bunch of teenage kids, and I could tell they had just rolled out of bed. They were not very exciting to ride with, but at least I got to ride.

Me waiting for the teenagers to get mounted and situated:

We went out on a nearby easy trail. Lucy is a well-behaved horse, and I enjoyed her. Bill, who was leading the ride, stopped so he could take photos for the kids. We stopped in a scenic meadow, and the kids wanted a couple of shots. All they had was a phone for a camera, but Bill dutifully did his best to take the photos:

“How the hell does this thing work??”

That was the first group we took out. Then another family showed up for a ride, and they were more fun. I talked to the mom because she was closest to the back, where I was riding (I was riding “sweep,” like with the motorcycles!). We had a nice conversation about different things, including school. As the day progressed, the sky grew more and more clear, and the sun was warm and nice for a change. I had started out with a raincoat on, but shed it for the second group of riders. It became apparent that it was not going to rain!

After I was finished riding, I said good-bye to Lucy, and then Cisco. I really liked Cisco, and wanted to take him home with me! I hugged Bill good-bye, too; he allowed me to have some wonderful rides, and I appreciate it so much. Choked up, I tore myself away and dashed over to the car. Hal had loaded the car himself, all the clothes, all the bikes, and had also taken care of some things regarding our club BMW rally, which will be at the lodge next June. I was very grateful that Hal had done all that work, it sure made my life much easier!

We decided to eat lunch at the lodge before leaving, one last fabulous Club sandwich made by Charlie, an excellent cook, BTW. We tried to drag it out, but eventually, inevitably, we had to leave. All the way home, the weather was nice, and we didn’t get into any rain at all.

So, the trip to the White Mountains comes to a close. Once again we rode about 400+ miles on the dirt bikes, and I hope we can come back soon. There never is enough time to ride, and always too much time filled with work.


3 thoughts on “Last day in the White Mountains

  1. Thanks for taking me along with you and Hal on this vacation blog. Reading your daily adventures made me feel like I was there. sudani

  2. It does seem that “there is never enough time to….” do whatever you enjoy on vacation. You are lucky, though, that you have so many options here in AZ (motorcycle trips, dirt biking, bicycling), and so many climates we can enjoy (desert, mountains, forests) and a husband that understands and supports you. I’m glad you get to do these things and share them with the rest of us.

    Good luck in school this fall.

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