A day at DVA

Not much going on today, but I did manage to ride to Deer Valley Airport in north Phoenix for breakfast. I took the F800ST. She was not happy with me last week when I took her to work one day, but today she purred with pleasure at being allowed to stretch her legs on the 101 freeway. The temperature was down a little bit under an overcast sky, and it seems there was a little more humidity in the air. That’s when she runs best.

Hal and I met for breakfast, and I always enjoy watching the activity on the airport. The restaurant has huge windows from which to observe as you eat, and then after we ate we went up to the observation deck. Today being Monday, it is not the usual day we are there, we usually are there on Sundays only, and it was interesting to see what goes on.

What does go on there during the weekdays, you ask? Well …

school is in session!

First the man comes along and fuels up the little planes (others are off-camera):

Then the flight instructors show up:

They check everything over:

“Today we’re going to practice touch-and-go”:

Here we go!

Gone! But not for long. Let’s spin back around and come in again.



Other planes get ready to go wherever they are headed:

The heli got tired of waiting around:

Outta here:

Okay, practice is done:

It was a nice day for flying!


2 thoughts on “A day at DVA

  1. Have you ever wanted to take flying lessons? If you did, would you only want airplane or would you consider a helicopter? I know I considered many years ago, but now…no thanks.

    • You’d think that I would, wouldn’t you? No, I don’t want to fly. The thing that freaks me out is if something mechanical happens, you can’t just pull over to the side of the road. You are screwed, and you’re probably going to die. It is not worth that risk to me. I am usually okay with risk, but that is something that wouldn’t be in my control, and I am all about control. If I get hurt mountain biking, well, that’s on me. It’s different when you are in the air. I used to like flying, but now I would never get on a commercial aircraft. When I go to ride Iceland, I’ll probably have to take a boat!

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