Boulders OHV

Today’s dirt bike ride was to Boulders OHV area northwest of Phoenix, AZ, USA. I’d been there before, almost three years ago, and always wanted to go back. I rode some technical trails with a group of experienced riders, and managed to ride everything. I only had one little mishap where I lost traction going up one of many steep climbs, otherwise, I rode it clean.

The purpose of today’s ride was to “ride in” my brand new knobby tires. I never knew how “squirmy” new knobbies could be, but I should have remembered my experience with the TKC-80s on my BMW F650GS a couple of years ago. I did not like them at all for that reason, and I went back to dual sport tires that are made to be used mainly on paved roads. Here in the dirt, I think the new Maxxis tires will work fine on my Yamaha TTR-225.

Bike with new tires; they’re not even dirty yet!

We arrived late at Boulders, but even though the temperature was climbing toward 100° F., we went out anyway. Part of the reason for going was to scout out the trails and remember where I’d ridden before, and find some easy trails to ride on those new tires. We took the unpaved “road” west, which is marked “6,” and kept going on it until we reached “9,” which is where I know we turned the one other time I’d been on these trails. It is fortunate that I seem to be able to remember trails once I ride them. Today we did not take 9, though, because it was already super-hot and I wasn’t up for an epic ride today. I only wanted to get the feel of those tires, ride a little bit and have some fun.

Even the snake knows enough to find a shady spot for the entrance to his home:

We found a few more trails, then the sun was getting really intense and glaring. I was a little dehydrated to start with, and I kept drinking lots of water, but I still started to feel a little shaky, and I was sweating a lot. It felt a little “heat stroke-y” to me since I’d had that experience while mountain biking a couple of times. Hal said he was getting tired, too, so we opted to load up and go. It was time to do that anyway; the afternoon was lengthening.

Soon we were back on the road toward Phoenix, and home. Mission accomplished: the tires were dirty!

I shot GoPro video, and I will soon have that edited so you can see what it was like out at Boulders OHV today.


2 thoughts on “Boulders OHV

  1. Unbelievably, I remember when you decided to go back to the dual sport tires and how much better you liked them. So, by going with the knobbies, I guess you are dedicating this bike to dirt only. That’s probably nice, though, because it builds a different riding skill set on dirt. I applaud your decision to not ride too much in the heat of the day and risk your health.

    • Different bike, different riding focus, so different tires. On the dual sport, it is mostly on the road. With the TTR, it is mostly in the dirt. I did not mind these knobbies on the TTR the few miles I rode it on the road already, and am pretty much used to it in the dirt already. 🙂 I hope it’s good because I’m not changing back on this bike!

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