Mother’s Day, and another random poem

I spent the day hating that my mom is no longer here to celebrate Mother’s Day with. I tried not to think about it, but of course it was impossible. I didn’t even ride, didn’t even leave the property.

I did, however, get a lot of necessary small things done. I was trying to catch up after two weeks of (unnecessary) stress at work during which I could hardly move, much less get anything worthwhile accomplished. Happily, the situation has been resolved, and we are all moving in a positive direction.


So, today while I was working at my computer, making a video, organizing some photos, and choosing some new music for my treadmill dancing extravaganza (LOL), I wrote this poem, and then luckily found the perfect photo to go with it:

Love blooms

Dark lacy tendrils

growing up through a crack

along the street,

secret leaves

from a summer love song.

They bloom and dry

into fall

then bruise in the cold

of winter.


P.S. I should be back to “normal” tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, and another random poem

    • Love that video! I’ve seen it, too. If you search for “treadmill aerobics” or “treadmill dancing” on YouTube you get lots of cool dancing video (and some dumb ones, too). You also get the “fail” videos where the participants fly off the back of the treadmill! Hey, I guess you have to learn some way. 🙂

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