Observations about this week

It’s been a long week. On my usual mountain bike ride this morning, I thought about these observations about this week:

• While sorting the laundry I noticed that the pile of workout clothes was bigger than any other type of clothing.

• When the big dual sport motorcycle is down and at the mechanic’s shop, its absence leaves a giant gaping hole in the garage.

• Made it into another gallery show (juried exhibit), this will be my third. I don’t know yet how many photos made it, but I sure needed the boost the acceptance notice gave me.

• Having a good cup of coffee will help solve almost any problem.

• So will playing the piano – sinking into it so deeply that was a complete surprise to know that two hours had passed since I started.

And, the most important one of all …

• It’s amazing to know what your co-workers actually think of you, and you might not know until you are in a crisis situation and they all step up to help. (thanks, everyone – understatement of the year).

I am looking forward to next week being better. Maybe I can relax and enjoy my school kids, as I wanted to last week, for the last few weeks of the school year.



2 thoughts on “Observations about this week

  1. I just read your blog . I now own poco dinero ranch. My mother and father owned that land seance 1972. My mom just passed away in Jan 2013. The homes on that land were built in about 1915. My family and I are going to restore those homes and enjoy POCO DINERO for many more years. Thx and come us in about a year from now. Dale Moore

    • That is cool, Dale. Young is really a pretty place, I love going there. I enjoy both the 512 and the south road. We love going to the Antlers. Maybe we will stop in to Poco Dinero ranch sometime. The buildings look very “photogenic.” Thanks for reading my blog!

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