The iconic GS bike

Today’s prompt:

“Write about something that is iconic to you. Include a photograph.”

When I first saw the BMW F650GS, I thought it was the most beautiful, outrageous motorcycle I had ever seen, especially the black one. It looked thrillingly frightening, intimidating, but gorgeous, just sitting there on the showroom floor at Victory BMW in Chandler, AZ.

I had only recently begun to ride motorcycles, and thought, if I could only be able to ride a bike like that. Little did I know …

I got my first black F650GS, a used 2005 model, but it turned out to be not a good bike for me. It had a lot of issues, but I thought it was just me so I sold it. I looked for another brand of dual sport motorcycle to replace the GS, but never found what I wanted. So, I decided to give the GS another chance. I found another one, this time a black 2006 F650GS with only 100 miles on it. The guy I bought it from lived on a dirt road, so when I rode the bike home, the first miles I rode it were in dirt. I was so excited because this GS felt good to me. It felt so good that a couple of weeks later I rode it to and around Colorado for a week.

The rest, as they say, is history. The black F650GS that I named Jewel was my only touring bike for a couple of years until I got my F800ST. But that didn’t mean I stopped riding the GS, or even stopped taking it on long trips. I rode it on day trips that were mainly off-road, and I still took it on long trips that were focused on dirt riding.

In Death Valley, Hal is on the right:

Jewel’s been through just about everything, including the Death Valley adventure last year that turned into facing down a strong winter storm as we fought our way home. Jewel’s been in very rough terrain as well, but in contrast, been on the interstate keeping up with big trucks.

I love my Jewel, aptly named, I think. She has 43,000 miles now. I keep looking at other bikes, thinking there might be a better dual sport motorcycle, but I haven’t found one.

Jewel in snow:

My BMW F650GS is my iconic motorcycle, the symbol of all the different types of riding that I love. Every time I get on the GS, I think to myself over and over, I love this bike!


3 thoughts on “The iconic GS bike

  1. And I think that the shot of you and Hal, side by side on your bikes, is an iconic shot symbolizing how you participate in and share your love of riding with all who will listen. Keep it up.

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