The desert blooms

I went out to ride in the desert again today since I had the day off from work. After last week’s ride, I took the bike in to the shop to be worked on, and it came out all beautiful and clean. I even have functional brakes now! It was a bit hot already, but I wanted to ride anyway. Here are some of the things I enjoyed today:

Clean and beautiful:

Blooming hedgehog cactus:

Cactus “bones” on the left, nearly camouflaged:

Wonder who, or what, lives here?

Delicate flowers amid the spines:

Lovely singletrack:

View toward downtown Phoenix far in the distance:

Just before I descended the last big hill:

Interesting plane overhead (airport is nearby):

Soon I was in the air conditioned car going home, dirty, but content. It was another great day of being outside.


One thought on “The desert blooms

  1. Hmm. I’ve got to go with the cactus flowers as my POTD (photo of the day). I did like the cactus bones, but somehow, the perspective made me weirdly dizzy.

    I’m glad you decided brakes were worthwhile on your bike.

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