Dirt riding at Rolls OHV area

Today Hal and I took the dirt motorbikes out to a local area so we could explore some new places to ride. We went to Rolls OHV area, which is near Four Peaks east of Phoenix. I only had my small Canon point and shoot camera today, but I think it is a nice camera and does a good job. Four Peaks looked dark under the sullen overcast sky:

You can see the last vestiges of last week’s snow, mostly on the north flanks of the peaks, a distant memory for the rest of us. The temperatures have been warm, but today it was perfect, in the mid-70s F., for riding.

We followed a friend’s directions to find what I hoped would be some fun singletrack. We rode down a twisting dirt road, then down the final descent into a flat area where we found a round tank-like thing. To my disappointment, there were several people there, even in this somewhat remote location. We went off into the brush, trying to find the water crossing that we were supposed to find. I ended up walking a bit to follow the tracks, which suddenly looped around and disappeared. We were obviously in the wrong place. We rode south a little farther, found some sand, and then what I thought was the right spot to cross the creek. On the other side was a rocky, but fun, narrow dirt road. However, just as I was about to go turn my bike around and ride it through the water, the ground shook with nearby large-caliber gunfire.

That is the problem with the area: too many people, and people who are not using good judgment. I am not against guns, but I don’t see why shooters can’t use proper ranges instead of endangering others. Bullets can travel a long distance, and these were being fired in the same direction I was about to ride. “Let’s get the f— out of here,” I said to my riding parter, and he agreed. At least on the other trails all we had to worry about was people who were riding about 100 mph, or out of control in some other way. That’s all.

I keep thinking this area is so beautiful and fun, but with all the reckless people out there, it is not that fun. I am disappointed each time I go, and I guess I ought to just give up and stop going there. I wish there were a place on this side of town like Boulders OHV area in the west valley. I rode there once and thought it was heavenly, but it is at least an hour and a half away from where I live.

The rest of the day we rode easy trails, but I thought I was a sloppy rider today. You know what they say, though, “the worst day riding (or whatever your favorite pastime is) is better than the best day at work.” (It’s just a bumper sticker, in case the rat from work sees this.) At least I was enjoying being outside.

We rode some of the usual trails, and enjoyed riding the “whoops” and gentle turns. My bike’s battery sounded kind of weak, so we didn’t stop too often. The only time we did was when we joined a familiar trail that would take us back to the main road. But I didn’t shut off the bike because I didn’t want to do the bump start thing.

Hal “test rides” my bike while I was behind a bush:

We rode for a couple of hours total, then packed up the bikes and our gear. We stopped for coffee on the way home to finish out a good day of riding. Even though I wasn’t able to ride the route I wanted to, it was still a wonderful day to be outside enjoying the perfect weather.


2 thoughts on “Dirt riding at Rolls OHV area

  1. I did not know you could hear a battery sounding weak. You are like the Battery Whisperer?

    Yes, I imagine that, even riding full speed, you would be hard-pressed to outrun a bullet. Good idea to head to a safer, if crowded, trail. It gives you better odds to ride again another day.

    • The last few times I started the bike it barely started. I know the battery is on its “last legs” because it’s been charged, recharged, brought back from the dead, you name it, several times. It’s time to replace it!

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