A wild weather day in the desert

The Phoenix, Arizona area rarely gets cold weather, much less hail and snow. But all of those conditions existed today. I didn’t get out to photograph the snow (trapped at work), but I did get some of the clouds, then the hail, as it rolled through our neighborhood.

Around 5 o’clock, the clouds darkened as one wave of storm clouds rolled in:

I was sitting and working at my computer and wasn’t aware of how widespread the snow and hail were, so I unfortunately missed out on a lot of it. I heard what I thought was a really hard rain, but when I looked outside, I saw that it was hail. The backyard was pelted with it:

The driveway almost looked like a skating rink:

Deep hail:

It all ended with a rainbow, but I was not happy to see the sun. At all. I was hoping for more clouds and rain, but the forecast doesn’t look promising. I was hoping that the snow on Four Peaks would stay until Saturday so I could ride in it. You never know, but it probably won’t last.


One thought on “A wild weather day in the desert

  1. Yeah, the hail and snow (more accurately, graupel) was fun here in the Valley of the Sun. However, it is called Valley of the Sun for a reason, so we couldn’t end the day on a rainy note. At least it will stay cool for a while longer. We get more than enough of the heat.

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