A day of pie, and the return to reality

My last day  in the cold country started out with my favorite crazy breakfast – poached eggs, and a piece of fruit pie. I was hungry for it, and plus it covers all the food groups! It was difficult to leave our favorite place, but we had to, and we got on the road by 9:40 or so. I didn’t cry as much when I left, probably because I felt more sure that I would be back. One thing about this trip that I enjoyed was that I “stayed in the moment” the whole time. I wasn’t thinking about what I was going to do next, I wasn’t stressing about missing out on something. I was trying very hard to relax, both in body and mind. I am so stressed out at work most of the time, it’s unbelievable.

On the way out of the forest, I stopped for a few photographs of flowing water, snow, and ice. And, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t, I shot a few photos of the burned trees. I couldn’t help myself, it is such an eerie, beautiful sight.

I shot quite a few of the streams of water, the running, melted snow under surviving snow, pouring through the shadows. It was going to be another warm day of watching the snow literally shrink before our eyes. Unfortunately, we weren’t going to be there to see it. I would have rather stayed for the disappearing snow, knowing that more snow is coming this week. I dream of getting snowed in and not being able to leave, at least for a while.

The trip home went quickly, and in Payson, we stopped for another piece of pie and to look at the sight of the Rim with even less snow on it today as on Saturday when we drove up. I am looking forward to the storm that is coming in on Wednesday, and of course I am hoping it will dump some snow on Four Peaks so I can go ride my dirt bike in it next weekend. No snowmobiling, but dirt biking is good.

Once I got home, I unpacked. I have a new saying: “just because you can get it in the bag doesn’t mean you need to take it.” I took too much clothing, again, and next time I vow to only take what I think I will wear, take doubles if I think it might get wet, then dial everything back about one third. I always wash every single thing when I bring it home, and I made so much extra work for myself. I also thought of another one, which was like the saying about not shopping when you are hungry: “never pack for the snow when you are cold.” I think that was another reason why I had so much extra clothing along, I was cold when I was packing. Good grief. Four pairs of tights, including the really woolly ones – really?? C’mon, man!

Winter is winding down, and I am sad. I love being able to go to the snow, the high elevation cold country. I have loved all the times we went up to the White Mountains, sat by the fire, enjoyed the company of our friends at the lodge. True, we will be able to enjoy exploring the dirt roads again soon, but I still love the snow and cold best, especially the photographs that can be made in that weather.

Back to work tomorrow. You know how I feel about that. I will be thinking about next weekend, and dream about the possibility of snow, as I go through the motions.


2 thoughts on “A day of pie, and the return to reality

  1. You do eat the egg and pie separately, right? And then you stopped on the way home for more pie? Did you have another egg. too? Is pie an extravagance saved for trips or do you have it here in town sometimes?

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