Another glorious, rainy ride

I sat around all day today waiting to go ride dirt bikes at Four Peaks, a local mountain with myriad dirt trails and a road that leads up and over it. That didn’t happen, and finally, desperate, I got on the GS bike late in the day and rode right into the rain toward the road that leads past the mountain. I didn’t get to ride the actual mountain, but I had enough fun to enjoy being out.

As I left town, I saw a beautiful rainbow that stretched across the desert. Then the sun came out briefly and highlighted Red Mountain to make a scene that looked made especially for me.

When I got out of town, the sky got very dark to the east. I looked over to the places I usually go mountain biking and saw that it was raining heavily there. It wouldn’t have been a good choice to go mountain biking, which was another thing I had considered. As I passed Four Peaks, it was raining there as well  and I couldn’t even see the top. I was excited because I knew that meant I was probably riding right into some heavy rain because I planned to ride 87 north, and maybe go as far as  Sunflower before it got too dark.

I left Fountain Hills behind, and the closer I got to 4P, the harder it rained. I loved it. The bike was happy, too. She runs just great when she’s running through heavy rain, and I never even slow down. The rain pounded and intensified, and I briefly wondered if I would finally get to ride a road bike through heavy hail, but it didn’t hail. I passed several cars whose drivers looked at me like I was crazy. They just didn’t know how many times we’ve done this and how much I trust my bike to be perfect, because I know her so well. This is the bike that went through the “hurricane” on the way home from Death Valley last year, so that is why I have no worries.

On the road, I probably saw all 256 shades of gray in the misty mountains ahead of me:

Happy little motorbike!

More of what I love to see:

As it got later, towards sunset, the sky was tinged with orange and pink:

Then all the clouds became very blue as the afternoon light deepened into darkness:

So, even though I had to go out and grab it on my own, I had my few moments of peace at the end of my day in a spectacular ride, the kind I really love, in the pouring rain of a winter storm.


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