A gray, rainy Saturday

After looking forward for about a month to taking another photography class, I was disappointed that the last couple of days I have been feeling sick with this “stuff” that is going around. I usually never get sick, but once it’s in your household, it’s pretty difficult to avoid it. Then as today began, it was raining as well. It had started deep in the small hours of the morning, and the steadily-pouring rain made curling up in bed a delicious feeling. When I finally got up, I discovered that I felt better, so I drove myself over to the gallery and enjoyed my day.

Rainy sky:

I learn best when I sit, listen, and take notes about the subject. Fortunately, that was the format of the first portion of this class. My goal was to have more control over the settings of my camera, and the teacher made the material easy to understand. Sitting quietly helped me a lot to both understand better, and to feel better. Our assignment for the afternoon was to shoot one photo that showed motion, and one that showed short focal length. The trick was that you weren’t supposed to use the “auto” or “program” settings, but manipulate aperture and shutter speed manually. We only had a short time to shoot these photos. Here is what I came up with:


Short focal length:

After class, I wandered through the gallery to look at other people’s wonderful work. I always learn from looking, and the work in there now is spectacular. I sometimes wonder how people come up with such creative ideas to produce wonderful art. It’s amazing.

My day turned out not to be a disappointment, but to be an interesting, unique day.


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