Stand up!

Today’s writing prompt: what courageous act would you risk doing, even if it was unpopular and perhaps dangerous?

If I were to do something courageous, it would be to stand up to all the people who think they know what’s best in education, because they are wrong. They think constant testing is the answer, and that everything is the fault of teachers. They also think the convoluted way of asking questions on the tests and the convoluted textbook content (complete with numerous typographical errors) is “abstract thinking.” I know what abstract thinking is, and that isn’t it. Those who currently write the tests are not only confused, but removed from reality.

Here are the real solutions, which will never be put in place because they are too logical, make too much sense, and don’t line some politician’s pockets:

• Put in place ability testing so that people can advance at their own pace. It automatically makes everyone accountable and responsible for their own education and knowledge, especially if they have to demonstrate proficiency by applying knowledge to actual practice.

• Get rid of standardized testing as it is now (see above). We are not all the same, and the same test for everyone is not a fair evaluation. (duh!!!!)

• Eliminate the convoluted language on the tests and in textbooks. Just because politicians think it sounds intelligent doesn’t mean it is.

Teachers should be in charge, and should work on fixing our education system. Instead of being made to go along with the latest “thing,” teachers should be able to call for logic and sense to be used, and do things the way they should be done. Education should not be driven by greed and self-serving political agendas. In order to fix education, teachers should be put in charge because they have the knowledge and experience to make the right decisions.


What would you do that could be seen as courageous?


2 thoughts on “Stand up!

  1. I never liked standardized tests for schools as it restricted teachers to teach to the test and not necessarily to a fulfilling curriculum for the students. I remember taking 3rd year spanish, which was a regents year and therefore had to be taught to the test. It was the worst spanish class I had. 4th year was much better…As far as standing up goes, I’ve learned from my own experience that the tallest nail gets hit the hardest. YMMV.

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