A cold day for riding

How cold was it today in the Phoenix area? Cold enough for me to wear about 14 layers (slight exaggeration) when I went riding. But I did go!

It was another easy choice of which bike to take – the warmest one, in other words, the one with a big windscreen and hand guards. The GS. I wasn’t even going far, just across town to meet my riding partner, Hal. I had three layers on top before any jackets went on, and tights under my jeans before I put on my lined winter overpants. By the time I put the final layers on, I had to have help because I could hardly move. The last part, the heated gloves, were worth the struggle, though, as I found out when I got onto the freeway. With the temperature in the high 20s F., the wind chill had to be a lot less. I almost never wear those heated glove liners because they are so difficult to fit under my jacket and under other gloves. But how often does it get this cold here? (almost never)

By the time I got to Deer Valley Airport, I was ready for breakfast. It was my choice where to go, and I chose the DV airport because the food is usually good, and they serve breakfast until late. Today was no exception, and we enjoyed all the cool airplanes outside the window. Especially this little plane:

I was fascinated by the design. More information can be found here:


As we ate, two young men started moving the plane around, and then checking it over. I was hoping to see them take off, but they seemed to be in no hurry. After we ate, we walked outside to take more photos and to look. It was still cold, but I was enjoying the airplanes.

View from the other side:

Row upon row of planes for students to learn to fly:

I took this photo because I thought it was cool how the prop looked through the camera lens:

We gave up waiting for the little Velocity plane, and went out to the parking lot to gear up. While we were standing there pulling on our numerous layers (!), I happened to see the little plane taxiing toward the runway! So, we walked quickly back up to the building and went through to the fenced observation area. In a short time, it came down the runway. It enthusiastically jumped right up into the air, and all I got was a blurry photo as it passed the tower:

I thought it was a beautiful little plane, and later learned more about it online.

As we left the restaurant building for the last time today, I saw this artwork, and I thought it was so unique:

After that, the day was almost over. I rode down the freeway, Hal in front, toward my house. We split at the US 60, but unfortunately, I wasn’t done riding. I suddenly wanted to ride up to Sunflower to see if there was snow, and feel how cold it was. It was a continuation of yesterday when I had seen the clouds, but now it was clear.

The temperature had climbed a little, but I still was cold. I turned up my electrics, and set out for Sunflower. I knew it was going to take an extra couple of hours, but it was early and Sunday is my only riding day. I rode to Fountain Hills, and then as I got past it, it turned very cold. I didn’t see much snow on Four Peaks, and the sky was clear ahead. Darn it. No beautiful clouds to ride under. So, since I was getting cold again, I gave up and turned around at the Four Peaks turn-off.

It was disappointing, but I am already looking forward to the ride we have planned for next Sunday. See what’s on my mind? The really important stuff, like riding! 😉


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