On the way

Last week I promised I’d share photos of my ride up to the snow country in the White Mountains of Arizona. I haven’t been too motivated to do much of anything the last few days (checked out until I get back to work, I guess), but when I looked through some of the photos tonight, I thought some of them were kind of nice. So, in keeping with the unofficial theme of my blogs the past week, here are more photos illustrative of Arizona winter snow:

This is heavy frost on the side of the road as we neared Payson, AZ:

Dramatic shot of the amazing sky:

After we climbed up on the Mogollon Rim near the Woods Canyon Lake turnoff (plowed closed for the winter, BTW), it was obvious there had been heavy snowfall the day before:

This little store is usually bustling with activity in the summer when all of the Valley residents are here to escape the heat. This would be a real escape from the heat:

A pretty photo:

The legacy of the Rodeo-Chedeski fire, over 10 years later:

What is interesting about this photo is how the extinct volcano on the right has greenery on it, and the one on the left, on the other side of the road, is barren. I wonder how things so close together can have such seemingly different environments:

All these photos were shot “on the fly” from the moving car with my little Olympus SP610UZ camera. They are more or less “happy snaps” as I rode along, nothing professional or composed. I just wanted something to “chronicle” my ride to the real snow, but I am pleased with how most of the photos I took turned out. My “problem” is that I think everything is cool and interesting, so I shoot many of the things I see. The bright harsh light of mid-day made the snow incredibly brilliant, but that is how it was.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


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