Leaving the magic forest

It had to come, as it always does, time to leave. I cry every time I leave this lodge. It’s as though I am leaving my second family. It did not help that the snowmobiles were outside and ready to roll. I heard them idling, purring with contentment and ready to go have some fun. They were teasing me. I want to return soon to get the chance to ride them.

This morning I woke to an overcast sky and the promise of snow. It was 24° F., and I wasn’t even uncomfortable in the cold anymore. I had acclimated, or maybe I was just wearing too many clothes to be cold. Advancing from the southeast were clouds that had that snow sky look. Hal and I ate breakfast, packed up, then went south about six miles on 191 to shoot from the Blue Vista Viewpoint.

Blue Vista Viewpoint:

It was amazing, as most things usually are under an overcast sky, at least from a photographic viewpoint. I also shot the requisite burned trees photos, and then we were on the way home. My camera was at the ready in case we saw elk, but sadly this time we did not.

We stopped once again at Nelson Reservoir, and it was more spectacular than on the way up because of the diffused light. I was lucky I had the second opportunity to shoot it.

Nelson Reservoir:

One of the volcanic cones between Springerville and Show Low. At the left are the snow clouds, low on the horizon, creeping in:

It was an uneventful ride home, but we stopped in Payson for a snack. By the time we got home, the dark gray overcast seemed to have followed us, and soon after I arrived, the clouds thickened and it started to rain. I unpacked, got laundry going, took a hot shower, and settled in. It’s going to be a cozy evening watching NFL on TV! What a rare luxury.


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